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The "7 Skills To Build Muscle With A Suspension Trainer Handbook"

"Apply These 7 Skills In All Your Suspension Trainer Workouts To Build Lean Muscle & Transform Your Body!"

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"YES! I'm Ready To Learn The 7 Skills Right Now To Build Lean Muscle, Burn Fat, & Transform My Body With Just A Suspension Trainer! So I Never Need To Rely On A Gym Or Weights Ever Again!"

"Exceptional Handbook Teaches You How To Apply The 7 Skills In Your Suspension Trainer WorkoutsΒ To Transform Your Body"

"Here's a taste of what you'll find in The "7 Skills To TRX Better Handbook:"

7 skills to TRX better handbook adam trx traveller fitness freedom athletes

Why it’s about NOT moving that leads to greater results and how ‘working harder’ in your suspension trainer workouts could be your down fall.


The Skill that when implemented, practised, and improved makes fat loss MUCH easier.


Why being uncomfortable within your workouts is the key to lean muscle development and how to know what ‘uncomfortable’ actually means.Β 


The skill that when implemented will solve your ‘niggles’ better than stretching ever will.


The ‘3 gears’ skill of breathing and how each gear can be used within your workouts and day to day life for fat loss and lean muscle building.