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Backed By A Total Money-Back Guarantee
If for whatever reason, you don’t love the Programs or your results, you get a full refund.

Backed By A Total Money-Back Guarantee
If for whatever reason, you don’t love the Programs or your results, you get a full refund.

Backed By A Total Money-Back Guarantee
If for any reason, you don’t love the Programs or your results, you get a full refund.

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Fitness Freedom Athletes respects the privacy of users and visitors on this site, and is committed to protecting it through maintaining industry-standard physical, technical, and administrative measures designed to guard your personal data from unauthorised processing, use or disclosure.

Lean and sculpt accelerator

x3 Installments of $142 $108

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 TRX Total Body Transformation Program (Beginner)

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          TRX Beach Body Program (Intermediate)

            (Value $500)

              TRX Muscle-Centric Exercise Technique Database

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                  Awakening Muscle & Mindset Brilliance

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                      Ultimate TRX Physique Sculptor Program (Advanced)

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                                                          14 reviews for Beach Body Program (Intermediate)

                                                          1. Cody Duncum (verified owner)

                                                            Adam’s program was the first program that I’ve been excited to use AND witnessed results. After each workout I feel as if my muscles were truly exercised, rather than punished at a traditional gym. The results have been so welcomed, I’m already looking for my next TRX Traveller program. Well done, sir!

                                                          2. Eric (verified owner)

                                                            Fantastic full body program. I appreciate the time and effort put into creating this program and am seeing results already.

                                                            When I have questions about how to perform an exercise, I can click on the exercise which takes me to Adam’s YouTube where he explains in detail how to do the exercises and what to focus on for that mind body connection.

                                                            I do wish there was a little illustration next to the exercises on the plan but once you get used to doing the program after a few weeks, the exercises become second nature.

                                                            Overall well worth the money. Thanks Adam.

                                                          3. Jordan Robert (verified owner)

                                                            Hands-down, this was the best money I could’ve spent. The program was highly doable, and steadily progressive, so I was motivated from the start. Got 6 weeks into the 8-week program and was committed for the first time in my 63 years of living — and NOT working out. I loved every day. And the results came very quickly and very noticeably. Then had a physical set-back — not TRX related — and was laid up for 4 weeks, but now I’m back and I can’t overstate how happy I am to be back. But while I was laid up — I got to watch my son do the the workout — and that was an added bonus. We used to work out together, and if you’re a father, you know how amazing that was. So, thanks from both of us. Adam is also super accessible and answers questions quickly. He is a truly valuable resource: Safe, Responsible, and Intelligent in the jungle of Knucklehead TRX clowns out there. “Put your mind in the muscle” changed everything. Glad to be back. Can’t wait to keep going. Thank you, Adam.

                                                          4. Beverly VanReenan (verified owner)

                                                            Awesome Program! I have the official TRX app and it doesn’t come close to these workouts. I like how they are stacked and combined to really challenge the body. The explanations with the video links are great. I would find it a tad bit easier if the links were embedded within the actual program day rather than having to scroll to the bottom but it isn’t worth taking away a star on this program. It is also very helpful to understand the muscles being worked and the different aspects of it. I rate this higher than the video TRX puts out with no explanations or concepts defined. I am seeing wonderful results so far with this program.

                                                          5. Paul Byrne (verified owner)

                                                            I’m halfway through the programme and can’t speak highly enough of it. I’ve used the “official” TRX videos and app, but they didn’t get close to the intensity or gains TRX Traveller gave me. The workouts are challenging but add in the support offered by Adam, and you absolutely can’t go wrong

                                                          6. Daniel (verified owner)

                                                            It took me 9 weeks to complete the Beach Body program. I had a lot of fun and whenever I did not know how to do an exercise properly, your video guides were very helpful.
                                                            Now I am doing the Ultimate TRX Physique Sculptor program.

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                                                          18 reviews for Muscle Builder Program (Intermediate)

                                                          1. Ricardo (verified owner)

                                                            I’ve had a trx sitting around my home for about a year but honestly didn’t know what do do with it regarding a rounded exercise plan. Yeah the trx came with a poster for some exercises and you can find various moves on the internet. But it still left me unmotivated and fully convinced.

                                                            I found Adam on YouTube, started watching and learning from him and was thinking, this person sounds legit… I’ll go for it.

                                                            Turns out… LEGIT! The plan is easily accessible and laid out. All you have to do it put in the work. And the thing about it is, when you apply Adam’s technique, not just the moves, but the mind-muscle connection, put in the work you do!

                                                            On a level of vanity I’m loving the way my body is shaping out. On a deeper level, I’m loving the meditation, mind-body connection and look forward to working out every time. EVEN ON LEG DAY! That should say enough right there!!!

                                                          2. Abhi (verified owner)

                                                            I started a fitness journey about 5 months ago, after gaining a bunch of weight after my wife had our first child. I’m not the most motivated exerciser, so I was looking for something that just told me what to do, and I’d do it. I also hadn’t done really any weight training for the prior 12 months, so I was pretty rusty.

                                                            This program was exactly what I needed. It gave me the specifics of what I need to do every day, and when I couldn’t figure out how to do it, Adam was very responsive to emails asking for help. I didn’t stick to this program exactly because I couldn’t do all of the exercises that were asked, but over time I got there. It took about 8 weeks rather than 4, but I got there in the end!

                                                          3. Stian Ottersen (verified owner)

                                                            Highly recommended! I’m finally enjoying working out again. Also changing my dark basement gym to be able to exercise outside has been great!

                                                          4. Leonardo Rey (verified owner)

                                                            Well so far I’m starting the program and I have to tell you that it is a completely new perspective for my experience with TRX, it takes you to another level, and you feel it. Looking forward to seeing the results at the end.

                                                          5. Matt (verified owner)

                                                            Really great program with accompanying docs which explain everything perfectly. Adams enthusiasm shines through in everything he teaches.
                                                            I personally stretched out the first 4 weeks a little to get the movements properly nailed and the mind/muscle connection Adam is very vocal about ingrained. You may think this is BS but 2 moves like a low row and hammer curl are ultimately the same, without thinking & focusing on the muscles you need to target you’ll just bang out reps without making as good a connection with the correct muscle. This is really empowering.

                                                            My only criticism is the lack of direct core work. While every TRX movement requires core stability (and if you’re not bracing your core… brace it!) I would have liked to have seen 2 of the days each week with a direct core movement. I’ve added my own weighted planks or similar to another day or off day.

                                                            Great work! Highly recommended.

                                                          6. Thomas Vince (verified owner)

                                                            I have been working out for 20 years and probably have done every type of training there is.
                                                            After getting bored with commercial gyms and injuries I decided to switch to a bodyweight/ TRX approach.
                                                            After limited muscle gains I was considering going back to the gym but I thought I would give the muscle builder programme a try.
                                                            I’m glad I did as even as someone experienced with with training I found it a good challenge and have been getting good muscle gains.
                                                            The programme is well thought out and easy to follow and with Adams videos have been a game changer for me. He tells you exactly how to get the best out of each excerise in ways no other PT or you tuber has.
                                                            I found the nutrition guide quite helpful too which has helped me gain some muscle.
                                                            I’m excited to purchase the resistance band book as im really confident in Adams capabilities to get me in even better shape.

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                                                          24 reviews for Total Body Transformation Program (Beginner)

                                                          1. chryssa skopelitou (verified owner)

                                                            very good program, would recommend, thank you, Adam

                                                          2. Steven Detamore (verified owner)

                                                            Very impressed with the beginner series. Great progress in both strength and gain of lean mass
                                                            Just started block 2, really love this. First program that has really worked for me
                                                            Honestly couldn’t be happier

                                                          3. Maxlab3 (verified owner)

                                                            I am half way through the Total Body Transformation program and must say that it has been great so far. The way Adam teaches has really shown me how to get the most out of my suspension trainer. As someone who always travels for work, I rely on a suspension trainer to keep in shape. This is by far the best and most comprehensive program that I’ve found for this type of training. I’m happy to report that I’ve achieved some nice gains in the last four weeks. I highly recommend this program and look forward to trying some other ones Adam has to offer.

                                                          4. Jeff (verified owner)

                                                            This is an amazing, inclusive, friendly, yet challenging program. It is definitely perfect for beginners. One might think that it is easy at first. But trust me: learn proper form and watch Adam’s videos on correct form. The mind-body connect is essential to progress. The second block of workouts are great too. Definitely steps up. I highly recommend if you are new to TRX training. I still use the block 2 workouts. But it’s a great program overall.

                                                          5. Andreas Åkerlund

                                                            Best decision I ever took for self care. The program is perfectly set up for a TRX beginner and gave visible results way quicker than what I would have thought.

                                                            Adam is a true master not only in instructing how every exercise is to be carried out but also in providing inspiration throughout his many and detailed videos.

                                                            I’m hooked!

                                                          6. Amy L

                                                            Great program for getting started with exercising or starting back up after a hiatus. I’ve done this program 3x from front to back and it really enabled me to scale my exercises when I first started. After my second time through, I was able to do the techniques with better form and found that things that once challenged me had grown vastly easier. Thank you, Adam!

                                                          Add a review

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                                                          12 reviews for Ultimate Physique Sculptor Program (Advanced)

                                                          1. Yannis Gkizaris (verified owner)

                                                            Best of the best of TRX. the moment you see how Adam explain the excercise you will realise that you were blind and now you see. One of the best gifts you will make for yourself, in your whole life ,is this program. Thank you Adam!!

                                                          2. Tim (verified owner)

                                                            This cements Adam Atkinson as the best TRX source for exercise and technique in my opinion. He is suffused with enthusiasm and experience with this remarkable kit and has extracted so much more from it that I expect TRX themselves imagined possible.

                                                            This is a magnificently creative effort from Adam with his signature succinct detail. I find the progression to be pinpoint accurate with respect to what is achievable over time as intensity and volume increase.

                                                          3. Andrew H (verified owner)

                                                            Solid!! That’s my overall feeling about this program. The workouts are easy to follow, but definitely not easy! I’m feeling muscles in my back and shoulders that I’ve not felt before! The fact that there are videos for every single workout is proof positive that some serious time and care went into creating this. I found Adam via his nutrition PDF, but am so glad I picked up this program. Value for sure!

                                                          4. Jacky (verified owner)

                                                            I’m very much enjoying this program. The video walkthrough is extremely helpful. I’m in week three and have seen a huge improvement in my strength. My clients already commented about how defined my back and shoulders look. I have been a NASM certified trainer for 6 years specializing in corrective exercises. I can honestly say that using the TRX helps with mobility and posture. I really appreciate the attention to detail in the explanation of how to perform specific exercises correctly. Thanks.
                                                            I’ve already recommended the program to friends

                                                          5. Rebecca Ireson (verified owner)

                                                            Highly recommend this program. As a fitness enthusiast, I can honestly say I saw more change and definition to my body with this program than I did with years of training in the gym. Wish I’d found it years ago! Love seeing the results for the work put in finally! Well worth the money, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoyed it so much I’m starting it over. Thanks TRXTraveller, love it!

                                                          6. ALEX

                                                            This program is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Trying to find a solid exercise program that I can fit into my busy schedule has always been a challenge for me. I knock out my daily workout before I head into work and it starts my day off right. I believe I started this program about a month ago and I am already noticing some awesome improvements in my weight and muscle tone. You won’t be disappointed with this program. Just a side note, I purchased the AB program as well and they work great together.

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