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Message From: Adam (aka TRX Traveller)
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Message From:
Adam (aka TRX Traveller)

Founder of Fitness Freedom Athletes

Hello, my friend!

I’m so happy you requested your FREE copy of the 7 Skills To TRX Better Handbook. I’ve sent it straight to your inbox.

I highly recommend you read the Handbook from top to bottom. So you can start visibly transforming your body with your TRX suspension trainer ASAP.

Here’s The Truth…

Your Muscles Don’t Know Where You Are Or What You’re Holding.

With the right technique & nutrition guidance. You can easily build lean muscle & transform your body with just a suspension trainer (like a TRX) – at home or anywhere!

Let metell you a little personal story…

“I used to have an unhealthy psychological reliance on gyms…”

Crowded gym
rainbow mountain

Me at Rainbow Mountain, Peru.

I believed I had to be in a gym and near one at all times to achieve my fitness goals and ultimately, feel myself.

It was limiting & confining.

I grew to hate the toxic gym culture & all the BS ‘nutrition marketing diets’ that surrounded it.

It had a negative impact on my mental well-being.

I also began to realise a lot of clients I trained in a gym actually felt the same.

Finally, one day back in 2016, after all the gym frustrations had taken their toll.

I upped and left London to backpack South America!…

With nothing but a TRX Suspension Trainer and a POWERFUL will to maintain my overall body, fitness, & mindset…

rainbow mountain

Me at Rainbow Mountain, Peru.

“However, I quickly realised that no one was teaching people how to use a TRX suspension trainer…

…with the right technique to actually build lean muscle!”

Press play!

AND visibly transform your body!

Culture has us believing we can ONLY achieve that with weights in a gym.

So, I obsessively and passionately FAILED, researched, documented, and re-tested 10X over in pursuit of understanding THE Technique that works…

And that was when I started applying The ‘Mindful Muscle-Centric TRX Technique!’

Then EVERYTHING changed!

After a few months, I was in the best shape of my life, physically and mentally!

It sounds cliche, but it’s true!

I spent the next 6 years using only a TRX & resistance band, mastering this technique, and teaching it to clients with phenomenal results!

The best bit…

I’ve never needed to use a gym or weights ever again. Neither do my clients!

You just don’t know what you don’t know…

Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

“That’s Why I Created…

The Fitness Freedom Suspension Trainer Programs!”

TRX Suspension Training Total Body Transform Workout Program and Exercises

To teach you the effective ‘Mindful Muscle-Centric’ TRX Suspension Training (Or Resistance Band) Technique.

So can achieve your fitness goals at home, or anywhere…

..and never need to rely on a gym, weights, ‘diet fads’, or people’s schedule ever again!

I didn’t create the Fitness Freedom Programs as just another ‘workout or diet plan’…

I created them because I love helping people ‘see the light’ by showing them how they can gain a life of Fitness Freedom!

To not lack results like I did for years tied to a gym, or mindlessly ‘just moving’ with a TRX seeing no visible results week to week.

It’s my mission in life!

“But Adam, Which Program Is Right For Me?”

take TRX traveller suspension training program quiz to find you program

I hear you! We all have different fitness levels and goals…

That’s why I spent 2 years testing and creating 9 different TRX Suspension Trainer Programs and 2 Resistance Band Programs.

For a variety of goals and fitness levels…

Take My ‘Which Program Quiz’ and in less than 60 seconds I’ll help you find the perfect TRX or Resistance Band Program…

To achieve your fitness goal – at home or anywhere.

From beginner to advanced, I’ve got a Program for everyone!

Click below to take the quiz…

Join 4329+ People From 83 Countries Using…

The Fitness Freedom TRX Suspension Trainer Programs To Build Lean Muscle And Transform Their Bodies…


“Lost 40+Lbs, getting lean, and showing great definition”

TRX Traveller reviews
TRX Traveller reviews


“10Lbs down and a lifetime of happiness to go!”

Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller

Wes Siler

(Outside Magazine Journalist)
"Bigger shoulders, toned legs & visible abs after 8 weeks!"



"Beginner with fitness and TRX lost 13 Lbs in 8 weeks and learned A LOT!"

TRX Traveller Workout and Exercise Program review


"Seeing changes in my arms I've never seen!"

TRX Beginner Total Body Transformation Program


"Looking more muscular and fit and feeling great mentally"

TRX Traveller Adam Atkinson Workout Program reviews


“Thanks for the awesome Programs!”

Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller
Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller

@hoyboss (Reddit)

"The Programs are incredibly detailed and maximise growth"

TRX Traveller Adam Atkinson Workout Program reviews


"“Literally your Program has changed my life”"

Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller

Real People + Real Results!


The Programs are for people of all ages and experience.

People who want to build lean muscle, lose fat, and transform their body with just a suspension trainer or resistance band.

They'll teach you the 'muscle-centric' technique and healthy habits to get a lean, high-energy-healthier body long term without ever needing to use a gym.

Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

Follow the step-by-step progressive Workout Plan. Designed specifically for your level and chosen Program goal. Love working out again!

Exercise Technique Database. Learn the 'Muscle-Centric TRX or Band Technique' that actually works! Know how to perform EVERY exercise to build visible lean muscle fast.

Complete Nutrition Guidance. Know when and what to eat before, during, and after your workouts to build lean muscle, increase your health markers, and lose fat... with 'The Evergreen Nutrition Framework'.

Accountability check-ins and access to me on email support. I’m here for you for any questions or problems and to help you find the right path to achieve your fitness goal.

Complete Digital Program Accessible On Any Device. Get access for life use your Programs on any device.

You get over $2000 in Bonuses:

  • Awakening Muscle & Mindset Brilliance
  • Execution & Performance Mastery
  • Metabolic HIIT Program
  • Fitness Freedom Athletes Private Community
  • Printable Plans, Resources, & How To Guides
  • Warm-Up For Performance Routine
  • Cool Down For Focus Routine... and more!

"Discover The Best TRX or Band Program For Your Level & Fitness Goal:"

23 reviews for Total Body Transformation Program (Beginner)

  1. Ron M.

    Loving this program for a change, needed something new to get away from lifting weights! The advice is excellent giving me a better way of stimulating the muscles! Highly recommend, wish I found this sooner, I’m 65 been working out for 50 years. Fitness Freedom renewed my enthusiasm for exercise!

  2. Donald Goyette

    Although I have been into fitness all of my life I had never used a suspension trainer. Adam’s coaching in this program is invaluable in learning and mastering the best technique for each exercise. Simply put I learned so much and can’t wait to try more of his programs.

  3. Nicole Morier (verified owner)

    Super great tutorials for starting my TRX journey. I love Adam’s approach to exercise overall and the importance of really connecting your mind to your movement and muscles. Great stuff!

  4. James C (verified owner)

    Have owned my TRX straps for a few years and have used them in fits and starts following various Youtube/app workouts without anything really sticking for long. I’m glad I committed to one of Adam’s programs, the structure has made my TRX training much more consistent and now starting to see results which creates a virtuous cycle of motivation. He’s clearly put a lot of work into all the programming and supporting documentation.

    The workouts are nicely judged in terms of terms of challenge and graduation through the program.

  5. Adam

    As a beginner, Adam was able to get me in the right program and help me get started. I’ve enjoyed the program so far and find the videos and support from Adam extremely helpful. Thanks!

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12 reviews for Ultimate Physique Sculptor Program (Advanced)

  1. Rick L

    I kicked the gym habit about seven years ago and have been doing TRX ever since. I felt I needed a change in my TRX training and so I went looking for a TRX training program that could be done at home. Based on stellar reviews, I decided to try the Advanced Ultimate Physique Sculptor program. I’m very impressed with it and found that I got results within just a few weeks. I have had many personal trainers over the years, and Adam’s training methods are top notch. Also, the videos are very real and not overly edited or produced. When I train via Adam’s videos, it feels like I’m working with Adam on a one to one basis. His enthusiasm and passion for TRX work really comes through, too. For those that are beginners, don’t worry, Adam has you covered!

  2. Nicholas Fanelli (verified owner)

    This program I will use for the rest of my life. As a D1 athlete and all the different types of training I have done, this is one of the few programs I will be able to continually use forever. It can always scale to your level if you focus on the mind muscle connection and do the pointers Adam describes. Very well rounded . I have yet to finish a session and not be spent. Well done Adam and thank you again for giving us something that can literally change your life. No need to go to the gym again. It has exponential value

  3. Stian (verified owner)

    Another great program!

  4. Andreas Åkerlund

    I am almost at the end of the program and have seen the best progress since I started training with TRX ( I have previously completed the beginner total body workout and the muscle builder program). The program is quite challenging and I definitely wouldn’t be strong enough to manage if I did not work through the two other programs first. Apart from massive definition and muscle growth I have also noticed that this program has greatly raised the limit of how hard I can push myself.

    TRX training is more fun than ever and I look forward to starting another of Adam’s programs!

  5. David (verified owner)

    Fantastic program! Cheers Adam!

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Struggling to See Visible Results From Your TRX Suspension Trainer or Resistance Band Workouts? (THIS is Why)

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So, if you do decide to grab a Program and join the Fitness Freedom Athletes Community… you won’t be dealing with any call centres, bots, or assistants…

I’ll personally be helping and supporting you in every way I can!

Drop me an email anytime if you’re unsure about your fitness journey.

I’d be happy to offer advice –

Here’s to your Fitness Freedom!

Coach Adam

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TRX Traveller Workout programs and exercises

“It’s my mission to teach you to build lean muscle and transform your body with just a TRX suspension trainer anywhere... to Gain Fitness Freedom!"

Adam, Founder of Fitness Freedom Athletes

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