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Backed By A Total Money-Back Guarantee
If for whatever reason, you don’t love the Programs or your results… you get a full refund.

Backed By A Total Money-Back Guarantee
If for whatever reason, you don’t love the Programs or your results… you get a full refund.

Backed By A Total Money-Back Guarantee
If for any reason, you don’t love the Programs or your results... you get a full refund.

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Lean and sculpt accelerator

Yours Today For Just: $398 $298

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              TRX Muscle-Centric Exercise Technique Database

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                  Awakening Muscle & Mindset Brilliance

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                      Ultimate TRX Physique Sculptor Program (Advanced)

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                                                          TRX Traveller Adam Atkinson Workout Program reviews


                                                          "10Lbs down in 8 weeks and a lifetime of happiness to go!"

                                                          Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller


                                                          "Saw the most change & definition in my upper body over the last 9 weeks than I ever have... better than free weights!"

                                                          TRX Traveller review


                                                          "Lost 53 Lbs In 4 Months! Unreal body changes"

                                                          Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller


                                                          "Beginner with fitness and lost 13 Lbs in 8 weeks and learned A LOT!"

                                                          TRX Traveller Workout and Exercise Program review


                                                          "Helped with daily stress and anxiety... never felt this good while going to the gym"

                                                          TRX Traveller Adam Atkinson Workout Program reviews


                                                          "Lost 26 pounds and sold all his weights!"

                                                          TRX Beginner Total Body Transformation Program


                                                          "Seeing changes in my arms I've never seen!"

                                                          TRX Beginner Total Body Transformation Program


                                                          "Literally your Program has changed my life!"

                                                          Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller

                                                          People Of All Ages And Experience...

                                                          23 reviews for Total Body Transformation Program (Beginner)

                                                          1. Ron M.

                                                            Loving this program for a change, needed something new to get away from lifting weights! The advice is excellent giving me a better way of stimulating the muscles! Highly recommend, wish I found this sooner, I’m 65 been working out for 50 years. Fitness Freedom renewed my enthusiasm for exercise!

                                                          2. Donald Goyette

                                                            Although I have been into fitness all of my life I had never used a suspension trainer. Adam’s coaching in this program is invaluable in learning and mastering the best technique for each exercise. Simply put I learned so much and can’t wait to try more of his programs.

                                                          3. Nicole Morier (verified owner)

                                                            Super great tutorials for starting my TRX journey. I love Adam’s approach to exercise overall and the importance of really connecting your mind to your movement and muscles. Great stuff!

                                                          4. James C (verified owner)

                                                            Have owned my TRX straps for a few years and have used them in fits and starts following various Youtube/app workouts without anything really sticking for long. I’m glad I committed to one of Adam’s programs, the structure has made my TRX training much more consistent and now starting to see results which creates a virtuous cycle of motivation. He’s clearly put a lot of work into all the programming and supporting documentation.

                                                            The workouts are nicely judged in terms of terms of challenge and graduation through the program.

                                                          5. Adam

                                                            As a beginner, Adam was able to get me in the right program and help me get started. I’ve enjoyed the program so far and find the videos and support from Adam extremely helpful. Thanks!

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                                                          12 reviews for Ultimate Physique Sculptor Program (Advanced)

                                                          1. Rick L

                                                            I kicked the gym habit about seven years ago and have been doing TRX ever since. I felt I needed a change in my TRX training and so I went looking for a TRX training program that could be done at home. Based on stellar reviews, I decided to try the Advanced Ultimate Physique Sculptor program. I’m very impressed with it and found that I got results within just a few weeks. I have had many personal trainers over the years, and Adam’s training methods are top notch. Also, the videos are very real and not overly edited or produced. When I train via Adam’s videos, it feels like I’m working with Adam on a one to one basis. His enthusiasm and passion for TRX work really comes through, too. For those that are beginners, don’t worry, Adam has you covered!

                                                          2. Nicholas Fanelli (verified owner)

                                                            This program I will use for the rest of my life. As a D1 athlete and all the different types of training I have done, this is one of the few programs I will be able to continually use forever. It can always scale to your level if you focus on the mind muscle connection and do the pointers Adam describes. Very well rounded . I have yet to finish a session and not be spent. Well done Adam and thank you again for giving us something that can literally change your life. No need to go to the gym again. It has exponential value

                                                          3. Stian (verified owner)

                                                            Another great program!

                                                          4. Andreas Åkerlund

                                                            I am almost at the end of the program and have seen the best progress since I started training with TRX ( I have previously completed the beginner total body workout and the muscle builder program). The program is quite challenging and I definitely wouldn’t be strong enough to manage if I did not work through the two other programs first. Apart from massive definition and muscle growth I have also noticed that this program has greatly raised the limit of how hard I can push myself.

                                                            TRX training is more fun than ever and I look forward to starting another of Adam’s programs!

                                                          5. David (verified owner)

                                                            Fantastic program! Cheers Adam!

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                                                          15 reviews for Muscle Builder Program (Intermediate)

                                                          1. Johan (verified owner)

                                                            Great program! I am more mindful of my muscles and I feel great after. I love getting the challenge every time. Also easy to follow with perfect explanation of the exercises. I see and feel the results! I would recommend this program to everyone! 🙌💪✊

                                                          2. Shawn Charlebois (verified owner)

                                                            Excellent program. I feel more awareness in my muscles. It’s a fantastic option. I’m happy with the minimalist approach as I’m a studio owner that uses kettlebells and a lot of other tools. The TRX is amazing if you take it seriously and shift your focus to building muscle

                                                          3. Boyd Burggrabe

                                                            This is the third program of Adam’s that I have done, and currently finishing up Week 4. Love this program; I know it’s intense because I often need to rest two days between workouts to be at my best for the next workout. Really appreciate the definition I am seeing.

                                                          4. Ricardo (verified owner)

                                                            I’ve had a trx sitting around my home for about a year but honestly didn’t know what do do with it regarding a rounded exercise plan. Yeah the trx came with a poster for some exercises and you can find various moves on the internet. But it still left me unmotivated and fully convinced.

                                                            I found Adam on YouTube, started watching and learning from him and was thinking, this person sounds legit… I’ll go for it.

                                                            Turns out… LEGIT! The plan is easily accessible and laid out. All you have to do it put in the work. And the thing about it is, when you apply Adam’s technique, not just the moves, but the mind-muscle connection, put in the work you do!

                                                            On a level of vanity I’m loving the way my body is shaping out. On a deeper level, I’m loving the meditation, mind-body connection and look forward to working out every time. EVEN ON LEG DAY! That should say enough right there!!!

                                                          5. Abhi (verified owner)

                                                            I started a fitness journey about 5 months ago, after gaining a bunch of weight after my wife had our first child. I’m not the most motivated exerciser, so I was looking for something that just told me what to do, and I’d do it. I also hadn’t done really any weight training for the prior 12 months, so I was pretty rusty.

                                                            This program was exactly what I needed. It gave me the specifics of what I need to do every day, and when I couldn’t figure out how to do it, Adam was very responsive to emails asking for help. I didn’t stick to this program exactly because I couldn’t do all of the exercises that were asked, but over time I got there. It took about 8 weeks rather than 4, but I got there in the end!

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