A huge warm welcome to The Fitness Freedom Get-Fit Accelerator!

Please watch the Introduction & Plan Of Action Video above so you know where to begin and how to progress.


Your Plan Of Action

The Plan of action is that within the first 90 days you have made major progress that will set you up for life. Here are the steps to take through the Fitness Freedom Get-Fit Accelerator to get the most out of it:

Step 1: Add me on our 1-1 chat channel (Day 1)

  • The instructions for this are below
  • Once you’ve added me on the 1-1 chat say hi and if you’re comfortable, please send me a front and side shot with your top off. Ideally, we will do a few of these on this journey to record progression.

Step 2: Your personalised nutrition plan (Days 1 – 2)

  • You’ll receive an email from me asking for some of your stats (age, height, weight) and current lifestyle preferences. Please fill this in and send it back asap so I can begin creating your personalised meal plan
  • Once your personalised plan is done, we’ll jump on a 1-1 call and run through it.

Step 3: Unlock Your Mindset (Day 1)

  • Go into Fitness Freedom Mindset Unlocked
  • Complete ONLY Module 1: The Life Changing Mind-Muscle Connection Explained.
  • We’ll come back to the rest of the modules later.

Step 4: Prime Your Execution (Day 1)

  • Go into Execution & Performance Mastery
  • Complete ONLY Module 1: Effective Muscle-Centric Exercise Explained.
  • We’ll come back to the rest of the modules later.

Step 3: Get To Know Your Workout Program (Day 2)

  • Begin with the Beginner Level Total Body Transform Program! Or…
  • If you’re not at a beginner level and you’re unsure which Program to start with, drop me an email  – hello@fitnessfreedomathletes.com
  • Spend some time becoming familiar with the Program and begin the Workout Plan when you’re ready!

Step 4: Nutrition Transformation (Days 3 – 14)

  • Go through the Restore & Enhance Nutrition Transformation. I will be guiding you through your nutrition but it’s important to learn and understand why we are doing it. This training will give you a solid foundation to thrive from for the rest of your life.
  • Your nutrition plan will slightly differ as it will be specifically personalised to you but the principles remain the same.

Step 5: Fitness Freedom Mindset Unlocked (Days 14 – 21)

  • At your own pace complete the rest of Fitness Freedom Mindset Unlocked.
  • Start with the introduction!

Step 6: Execution & Performance Mastery (Days 21 – 32)

  • At your own pace complete the rest of Execution & Performance Mastery.
  • Start with the introduction.

Step 7: Progression up to day 90 and beyond!

  • Make sure to consistently practice your technique within every single workout.
  • Make sure to consistently practice your mind-muscle connection and powerful squeeze within every single workout!
  • After you complete your first Workout Program (normally within 8-10 weeks) move on to the next level Program as outlined below.
  • You’ve gained Fitness Freedom for life!


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TRX Suspension Training and Resistance Band Fitness Freedom Athletes Facebook Group

Register To Join The Weekly Coaching Calls

Tuesdays: 18:00pm GMT  / 12:00pm (midday) CST
Thursdays: 9:00am GMT / 8pm AEST 

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Restore & Enhance Nutrition Transformation

The 5-Minute Bodyweight Warm-Up For Performance Routine & The 5-Minute Cool-Down For Focus Routine

3. Awakening Muscle & Mindset Brilliance

TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Mindset Unlocked

2. Execution & Performance Mastery

TRX Traveller Execution & Performance Mastery


Start with this Beginner Program:

Progress onto this Intermediate Program:

Then get into this Advanced Program:

Add On: Specialised Program

Coach Adam

Your teacher

I'll guide you throughout this entire journey. Lock in mentally and be proud of mastering the effective Fitness Freedom Techniques to transform your body and mind at home, or anywhere, for life!

Need Platform support? I'm here - adam@fitnessfreedomathletes.com

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