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Complete body transformation Programs for beginner to advanced levels!

Resistance Band Programs

Complete body transformation Programs for beginner to advanced levels!

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14 reviews for Beach Body Program (Intermediate)

  1. Michael Kaselnak

    3 weeks in and I’m loving it. I am not getting the normal niggles and aches in the joints I get with weight training and yet getting the same great strength training workouts. Love the How-to videos.

  2. Aaron Hoort

    I really am enjoying the Beachbody program so far. About halfway through and I look forward to progressing each workout.

  3. Mike B

    With a lot of junk workout programs online, I am always very hesitant to buy someone’s workout programs. I am glad I took a chance on Adam’s workouts. It is obvious he put a lot of time into creating balanced programs that ramp up gradually as you get stronger. These are hands down the best TRX workouts I found online and are very effective at a full body and core workout.

  4. Angela Separovic (verified owner)

    Awesome way to work out. I’ve noticed the positive effect it’s had on my rock climbing. I’m strong and agile. The mind-body connection aspect is meditative and energising.

  5. Amy L (verified owner)

    Huge fan of Adam’s TRX material. This is the second program I’ve bought from him and in halfway through. I combined or changed up some exercises again because I’m still scaling up to the program but the results are amazing. I enjoy these workouts in the morning and combine some MetCon to keep motivated each day. Thanks, Adam!

  6. Mehran Armiyon (verified owner)

    A treat for your body and mind. Absolutely no doubt! Appreciate your help Adam.

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24 reviews for Total Body Transformation Program (Beginner)

  1. James

    I am six weeks into the programme and am loving it. Thank you Adam for creating a great course.

  2. Ron M.

    Loving this program for a change, needed something new to get away from lifting weights! The advice is excellent giving me a better way of stimulating the muscles! Highly recommend, wish I found this sooner, I’m 65 been working out for 50 years. Fitness Freedom renewed my enthusiasm for exercise!

  3. Donald Goyette

    Although I have been into fitness all of my life I had never used a suspension trainer. Adam’s coaching in this program is invaluable in learning and mastering the best technique for each exercise. Simply put I learned so much and can’t wait to try more of his programs.

  4. Nicole Morier (verified owner)

    Super great tutorials for starting my TRX journey. I love Adam’s approach to exercise overall and the importance of really connecting your mind to your movement and muscles. Great stuff!

  5. James C (verified owner)

    Have owned my TRX straps for a few years and have used them in fits and starts following various Youtube/app workouts without anything really sticking for long. I’m glad I committed to one of Adam’s programs, the structure has made my TRX training much more consistent and now starting to see results which creates a virtuous cycle of motivation. He’s clearly put a lot of work into all the programming and supporting documentation.

    The workouts are nicely judged in terms of terms of challenge and graduation through the program.

  6. Adam

    As a beginner, Adam was able to get me in the right program and help me get started. I’ve enjoyed the program so far and find the videos and support from Adam extremely helpful. Thanks!

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18 reviews for Muscle Builder Program (Intermediate)

  1. Matt F

    Really comprehensive guide to using your TRX centering around mind, muscle connection. Clear concise instruction as well as giving details on diet and recovery to maximize gains. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking to follow a structured program from a competent instructor!

  2. Steve

    Great exercise program

  3. James Hilton

    As a life long and high ranking martial artist and fitness practitioner I am seriously impressed with the Muscle Builder program!

    I have used a STAR before but this carefully thought out and constructed program takes training to a whole new level!

    Every exercise is clearly explained via video lessons that you can refer back to at any point you want to.

    I have widened and strengthen ed my shoulders, arms and legs and one’s my core. I have also noticed strength gains while kickboxing and using the rowing machine etc.

    I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to make a positive change to their physique and general health and well being.

    Coach Adam has been there every step of the way to answer questions and clarify any queries I had about the program. Always very friendly and full of encouraging information.

    Best money I have spent in a very long time!

    5 STARS!

  4. Johan (verified owner)

    Great program! I am more mindful of my muscles and I feel great after. I love getting the challenge every time. Also easy to follow with perfect explanation of the exercises. I see and feel the results! I would recommend this program to everyone! 🙌💪✊

  5. Shawn Charlebois (verified owner)

    Excellent program. I feel more awareness in my muscles. It’s a fantastic option. I’m happy with the minimalist approach as I’m a studio owner that uses kettlebells and a lot of other tools. The TRX is amazing if you take it seriously and shift your focus to building muscle

  6. Boyd Burggrabe

    This is the third program of Adam’s that I have done, and currently finishing up Week 4. Love this program; I know it’s intense because I often need to rest two days between workouts to be at my best for the next workout. Really appreciate the definition I am seeing.

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"Lost 40+Lbs getting lean, showing great definition!"

TRX Traveller reviews


"10Lbs down in 8 weeks and a lifetime of happiness to go!"

Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller

Wes Siler

(Outside Magazine Journalist)
"Bigger shoulders, toned legs & visible abs after 8 weeks!"


@hoyboss (Reddit)

"The Programs are incredibly detailed and maximise growth"

TRX Traveller Adam Atkinson Workout Program reviews


“Beginner with fitness and lost 13 Lbs in 8 weeks and learned A LOT!”

Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller


"Helped so much with daily anxiety and stress"



"Looking more muscular and fit and feeling great mentally"

TRX Traveller Adam Atkinson Workout Program reviews


“Thanks for the awesome Programs!”

Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller
Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller


“Literally your Program has changed my life”

Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller


I'm new to using a TRX or Band, where shall I start?

First up, welcome! Out of all the millions of websites out there thank you for visiting this one. Secondly, your interest and motivation will change your life. It did for me and thousands of fitness freedom athletes in our community of all ages.

The best place to start would be with the Beginner TRX Total Body Transformation Program. It’s the most popular Program and will teach you the effective muscle-centric TRX technique to transform your body and begin your life-changing journey.

If you’re seeking a resistance band Program, get stuck into the Band Muscle Toning Program which is for beginners/intermediates to learn the band muscle-centric technique and transform their body with just one resistance band.

Do you have any training courses or Workout Programs?

Yes absolutely, I have TRX Suspension Trainer & Resistance Band Programs for all levels and fitness goals. They will teach you the effective 'Muscle-Centric Technique' that will transform your body!

There are so many 'scammers' online, how can I trust you?

I guess at first, you shouldn’t. Trust is built and earned over time. Check out my reviews and success stories so you can get a better understanding of what I am about and who I help.

Or stalk me on social so you can see that this is my passion and mission in life:





Where are you based?

I am mainly based in London, UK. But I love travelling, specifically backpacking our beautiful world and experiencing other cultures... So most likely I may be based on the side of a mountain or little beach hut. Perhaps I’ll even meet you in person at some point… That would be just awesome!

Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes
Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom AthletesAdam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

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