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Attention: Beginner – intermediate level resistance band users of all ages…

Burn, Build, & Sculpt In Just 8-Weeks With One Resistance Band!

Works even if you’re unfit, overweight, and have tried every resistance band YouTube Vid, Class, or App out there with zero results!

Resistance Band Muscle Pump Program

100+ Reviews And Rated...

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2 reviews for Resistance Band Muscle Pump Program (BEG - INT)

  1. Avatar photo

    Brett (verified owner)

    I can’t say how happy I am with both the program and the customer service from Adam. This program has really changed how I workout and just in the last month I’ve gained 1% in lean muscle by focusing on the mind muscle connection. I love it so much I bought the next program.

  2. Avatar photo

    Steven (verified owner)

    This opened my eyes to how’s much can be gained from using just the resistance bands. Totally changed how I work out and I am loving it!

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Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom AthletesAdam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

From the desk of:
Coach Adam (aka TRX Traveller)
Founder of Fitness Freedom Athletes

RE: The Secret To Building Lean Muscle & Transforming Your Body With One Resistance Band...

Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom AthletesAdam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

Dear friend,

Here’s the problem you face...

You’ve got a resistance band. But you don't know how to use it with the right technique to build lean muscle.

You’re wrapping it over, under, and around your body... trying all these exercises but never seeing any visible changes week to week.

I bet you’ve tried Youtube vids... Apps... workout plans... different diets... gyms... weights... figuring it all out yourself…

But, Your Body Still Looks The Same!

And it's affecting your confidence.

Plus, if you don't figure out how to build lean muscle and strength, you risk your health and longevity too.

But... you're feeling frustrated with the lack of results and de-motivated.

So you throw the resistance band in the cupboard believing you can’t build lean muscle and transform you body with it.

I understand how you feel.

Because I hear this everyday from people just like you.

Here’s Your Problem - You’re Using a Resistance Band With ‘Movement-Centric Technique’

Walking is a type of 'Movement-Centric Technique'.

So is running, cycling, or an aerobics class.

Movement-centric technique

With 'Movement-Centric Technique,' you're mindlessly moving from this position to that.

Not thinking about how you're moving, just moving.

The problem with ‘Movement-Centric Technique' is that the load is shared across multiple muscles.

That’s great efficiency by the body and allows you to perform a range of life tasks easier.

But, It’s Useless For Building Lean Muscle and Transforming Your Body.


Because a shared load means the challenge placed upon each muscle isn’t enough to stimulate a growth response.

Take a resistance Band squat for example...

When you do a band squat, you're mindlessly just moving up and down.

Your quads may be the target muscle. But other muscles are helping out and sharing the load.

Such as your glutes and hamstrings (back of leg muscles).

Band squat wrong

When you're using ‘Movement-Centric Technique’...’re not isolating the individual leg quad muscle to place the majority of the load onto them.

So the body goes:

“That’s not too hard, this leg muscle doesn’t need to get stronger”

Which means zero (or very little) lean muscle development.

That’s the reason why you’re not seeing any changes in your physique.

Band wrong

Which means yet again, your body shape stays the same week to week...

Your body confidence remains low...

You’re still lacking in strength and energy...

And time is running out for you to finally get the lean, healthy body you want for longevity.

Here’s Your Solution - You Need to use a Resistance Band with 'Muscle-Centric Technique'

With ‘Muscle-Centric Technique,’ you isolate the muscle you want to target and don’t allow other muscles to help out.

And you use slow, controlled movement, and your mind-muscle connection to squeeze the muscle powerfully.

This means that the majority of the load goes onto the muscle you are targeting throughout the exercise.

Take The Resistance Band Squat Example...

When you use 'Muscle-Centric Technique', the majority of the load goes onto the leg muscles you want to target.

In this instance the quad muscles.


When we isolate a muscle with this technique and put all the load onto it… get a powerful lean muscle growth response!

Because the body goes:

“Oh wow! I need to make this muscle stronger by adding more muscle fibers”

Which means you build lean muscle definition all over your body.

And you see your body shape changing week to week.

And more lean muscle gained, means you’ll burn more fat at rest.

And you’ll be able to move better.

Which means you'll look great naked, can do more, and you're improving your longevity to enjoy life more.


'Muscle-Centric suspension trainer Technique' is the answer!

Here’s Why ‘Muscle-Centric Technique’ Works so Well With a Resistance Band

A Muscle is MUCH weaker when isolated on its own with this technique.

So you can use lighter loads (like just your bodyweight) with a band, to generate a lean muscle building stimulus.

Healthy muscle that supports your joints.

This is the complete opposite to lifting heavy weights or doing persistent impact exercise...

Which can wear down your joints, and cause injuries and pain.

When You use a Resistance Band With Muscle-Centric Technique...

And your POWERFUL mind-muscle connection… build lean muscle 10X more effectively!

resistance band

Which means you transform your body quicker and easier than you ever have!

Without needing to rely on a gym or weights ever again...

And That’s Why I Created The…

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Resistance Band Muscle Pump Program (BEG – INT)

Resistance Band Muscle Pump Program

Imagine… Finally Being Able To Burn, Build, & Sculpt In Just 8-Weeks With One Resistance Band!

(And Never Need To Rely On Gyms Or Weights Again!)

About This Program

I created this Resistance Band Program so you gain total body fitness advancement using an easy-level black CrossFit resistance band.

Anything similar to this example here (Black 25-65 lbs, 41 Inches Long X 0.9 Inches Wide)

It has been designed so you increase your functional strength, burn fat, and challenge your muscles to develop a lean and toned physique.

Effective recovery for progression

The Program rotates through training 3/4 of your body in each workout. Allowing a continuous 48 hour recovery period for the remaining 1/4.

Which means you’re always giving your body an effective recovery period to re-build stronger, fitter, and more defined.

Here’s what you will gain…

Progressive strength and cardiovascular Program. So you can challenge your muscles and your heart with rotating full-body workouts. And multiple resistance band and bodyweight exercises. Which means you’ll gain an toned body shape and get fitter.

Learn The ‘Muscle-Centric Resistance Band Technique.’ So you can build a solid foundational strength from lean muscle development. Which means you’ll generate maximum body transformational results from each workout.

Incorporates ‘super set’ and ‘giant set’ exercise combinations with high volume. So you can work up a sweat and feel the muscle burn. Which means you get total body development.

100% Digital Program so you can access it across any device. Which means you can login and begin using your Program within seconds.

Created for men and women of all ages at a beginner – intermediate level. With complete explainer teaching, and video guides. Which means it’s so easy to follow with me as your coach.

8 week ‘Muscle Pump Workout Plan’ (customisable). This Plan uses progressive overload, so you get stronger and fitter after each workout. Which means you’ll start seeing changes in the mirror FAST.

8 Week Plan:
– 4 Week Sculpting Phase
– 4 Week Intensity Phase

40 – 50 min per workout. Excluding warm-up & depending on your current fitness level

4 Days Per Week. Customisable to your lifestyle

Full Body Workout Split

‘Muscle-Centric’ Exercise Technique Video Database. So you can learn the proven ‘Muscle-Centric Resistance Band Technique’ for every exercise. Which means you’ll confidently smash through your limitations and get the body transformation you want.

Variety of exercise and workout combinations so can constantly surprise your body and prevent plateaus. Which means you won’t get bored and will remain motivated throughout.

Warm-Up For Performance Routine so you can prepare your body correctly for each workout. Which means you’ll help prevent injury and maximise performance

Cool Down For Focus Routine so you can finish calm and grounded. Which means you’ll be ready to step into your zone of daily brilliance, and recover quicker and better.

Accountability email check-ins and access to me (Adam) for support. So you can get your questions answered ASAP. Which means you won’t ever be lost and will remain on track.

Guaranteed results with the proven advanced level suspension trainer Program to build serious muscle. Programs trusted by thousands! It’s the reason I am so confident in offering a 100% money back guarantee. This Program is easy to follow and it flat out works.

Resistance band muscle builder program

Plus when you get the Program today and become a Fitness Freedom Athlete...

You’ll get access to these SPECIAL BONUSES at no extra cost...

To make your transformation even FASTER, EASIER, and WAY BEYOND what you were expecting…

Lean Lifestyle Nutrition Blueprint - I’ll teach you how to optimise your body for longevity by improving your insulin sensitivity. So you can wake up your dormant fat burning hormones, ignite your metabolism, and skyrocket your productive energy. Which means you’ll build lean muscle, burn fat, and raise your health markers quicker and easier, long term.

Awakening Muscle & Mindset Brilliance - so you can unlock your POWERFUL mind-muscle connection. Which means you’ll turn your workouts into a form of meditation. To improve your mental well-being and explode your transformational results!

Execution and Performance Mastery - so can learn all the secrets that lead to high performance training and results. Which means you can level up your progression when you’re ready and eliminate guesswork.

Do you see...

How by having all these resources, guidance, and me as your coach...

Means getting the body you want with just a TRX suspension trainer is totally achievable.

It was for these people…

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Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller holds a resistance band

Now, Let Me Be Honest With You…

This Program and the Fitness Freedom Athletes community is not for you if:

You think ‘simple’ means ‘no hard work’. Transforming your body requires work. SMART WORK – but you have to put in effort. I’ve just made it as easy and simple as possible for you.

You’re not willing to learn highly-effective resistance band techniques. I’ll teach you how to perform every suspension trainer exercise to build lean muscle and transform your body. But, you have to be willing to learn.

You’re not open to improving your diet. I cover some very simple & highly-effective dietary changes that I advise you make to see the results you want. You can’t be eating pizza, burgers, and ice cream every day and wake up to the body of your dreams.

You think, “I’m too old for this.” Listen: you are NOT too old. FACT! We have men and women in their late 70s in the Fitness Freedom Athletes community kicking ass with this Program. So please get that out of your head right now.

The great news is…

This Program and the Fitness Freedom Athletes community is for you if…


You want to feel empowered to take full control of your fitness goal and achieve it. Once you get a lean body with this Program and your resistance band, the a-ha moment will happen. You’ll realise you don’t need to rely on a gym, weights, or diet fads ever again.

You want to build lean muscle at home with a resistance band. This Program isn’t mindless video classes that just work up a sweat. This Program will help you build lean muscle, strength, and visibly transform your body. If you just want to move around, I’d suggest YouTube.

You want to gain a confident mental well-being. With this Program you’ll learn how to use your mind-muscle connection. Workouts will become like mediation as you internalise your focus.

You don’t have much time to workout. I know how busy it is juggling family or work life. You CAN transform your body, get fitter, and healthier without spending hours exercising. This Program focuses on a smarter muscle-centric technique approach that’s very time efficient.

You’re super motivated to change your ‘fitness journey’… and Life. If you know you need to make a change and you’re motivated to transform your body with a resistance band… then let’s get to it!

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How Use Insulin Spikes To Build Muscle And Lose Fat With Your TRX Suspension Trainer Workouts

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Look, I'm Not Just Another Fitness Enthusiast or 'Influencer'

I'm a certified trainer and fitness coach with a proven track record.

Over the past few years, I've rapidly built a following thanks to my Fitness Freedom Suspension Trainer & Resistance Band Programs.

That consistently deliver amazing results to people just like you.

Getting the body you want can be confusing and frustrating.

I should know.

I Used to Have an Unhealthy Psychological Reliance On Gyms.

I believed I HAD TO be in a gym all the time to achieve my fitness goals, and ultimately, feel myself.

It was limiting & confining.

I hated the toxic gym culture and BS ‘nutrition marketing’ that surrounded it.

It affected my mental well-being.


I grew to hate the gym culture

And every day as a personal trainer I watched people:

  • Struggle to make PT sessions due to their busy life…
  • Feel intimidated by the ‘ego’ driven environment…
  • Regard the gym as ‘a chore’ not enjoyment…

Because of this, their results were limited. But they believed there was no other way.

I wanted a better approach.

For my clients, and myself.

So, In 2016, I Decided to Break Free

I grabbed a backpack and a TRX suspension trainer and left London to travel South America.

I had a powerful determination to improve my body and mindset without the confines of a gym.


Hiking in Peru and Chile. TRX'ing on beaches, ships, roofs, parks...

However, I quickly realised there was…

NO ONE Teaching People How To Use a Suspension Trainer To Build Muscle!

Sure, there were Apps & YouTube videos…

But they focused on ‘movement-centric technique’.

which is only good for working up a sweat.

Movement-centric TRX suspension trainer technique does not build lean muscle

People believe building lean muscle can only be achieved in a gym with weights.

So I began an obsessive and passionate journey to prove that belief wrong.

I studied, documented, and tested more than I ever had.

To develop what I now call the ‘Muscle-Centric’ TRX Suspension Trainer Technique.

That’s When EVERYTHING Changed!

In a few months…

I was in the best shape of my life.

It sounds cliche, but it’s true.

I was in the best shape of my life...

..physically and mentally.

It sounds cliche, but it's true.

For the past seven years, I've dedicated myself to mastering this technique.

Teaching it to everyday people like me and you.

With phenomenal results!

Press play!

I combined it with mind-muscle connection principles.

Turning workouts in my own space into a form of meditation.

I felt more calm, confident, and focused after each one.

I called this transformation… Fitness Freedom!

And applied it to resistance band training too.

I Decided To Leave The Gym World For Good.

And dedicated my life to teaching people how to build lean muscle, lose fat, and transform their body with just a suspension trainer from home.

So they never need to rely on gyms, diet fads, or anyone else’s schedule ever again.

My transformation journey from leaving the gym world in 2016 and using only a suspension trainer…

TRX suspension training workout programs and exercise with Adam TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

I made the shift because I know what the power of a transformation can bring to someone’s life, when it’s accessible and sustainable.

I’ve Seen People Just Like You Transform Their Bodies…

And the energy they create becomes a catalyst in:

  • Becoming more productive.
  • Being more present with their kids.
  • Being a better spouse.
  • And doubling their confidence.

When you transform your body you transform your life.

In helping people transform their bodies from the comfort of their own home with one simple tool…

I found what I was put on this earth to do:

To coach people to achieve a healthy, world class body from home and sustain it for life…

To gain Fitness Freedom!

Because Here's What's Possible...


“I am blown away by the results! I have never looked like this before!!”


“Thanks for the awesome Programs!”

Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller
Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller


“Thanks to your Programs, I’m 57 and in the best shape of my life!”

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Become a Fitness Freedom Athlete!

If you want to learn how to use a resistance band to:

Workout smarter and transform your body quicker…

Engage your muscles correctly to build lean muscle…

Develop full body strength and functional fitness…

Improve your quality of life…

Never need to rely on a gym, weights, personal trainers, or the latest diet fad ever again…

Then the resistance band Muscle Pump Program (Beginner – Intermediate) is your answer!

It’s already empowered thousands of people just like you to transform their body.

All from the comfort of their own home with just a resistance band.

And the best part?

You don’t need any prior experience.

Join The Proven Resistance Band Program To Get Lean, Toned, And Fit…

Resistance Band Muscle Pump Program (BEG – INT)

Resistance Band Muscle Pump Program

Here’s A Breakdown Of Everything You’re Getting Today With This Program…


Fitness Freedom Athletes With Adam TRX Traveller

Fully Digital Program Accessible On Any Device

You'll become a member of the Fitness Freedom Athletes digital platform for life. Where you'll access all your Programs and resources on any device.

PLUS, any time the Program is upgraded and more member resources added, you'll get that free too.


Resistance Band Muscle Pump Program

Band Muscle Pump 8-Week Workout Plan

Designed for your level and goal. This Workout Plan uses progressive overload so you get stronger and fitter after each workout. Which means you’ll start seeing changes in the mirror FAST.

8 Week Plan:
– 4 Week Sculpting Phase
– 4 Week Intensity Phase

40 – 50 min per workout. Excluding warm-up & depending on your current fitness level

4-days per week. Customisable to your lifestyle

Full body workouts

The 8-week Band Muscle Pump Workout Plan has 2 Phases:

Block 1: 4-Week Sculpting Phase

In this Block you will  focus on perfect exercise execution and muscle contraction with each exercise. The Block uses lower reps and higher sets with a small amount of high volume sets. There are two main goals within Block 1:

1. Master the exercise technique to engage the muscle you are targeting correctly for progression.

2. Develop a larger work capacity and higher volume tolerance.

This will set you up nicely for Block 2 where you will unleash the beast and give it your all.

Block 2: 4-Week Intensity Phase

In this Block it’s time to mentally lock in and give it your all. And apply an even higher degree of effort and intensity.

With more advanced resistance band exercises that deliver even greater results. This BLOCK uses very high rep ranges, giant sets, and super sets. You will feel ‘the burn’ and ‘the pump’ in this Block.

Because this plan is so simple and fun to follow. It means you’re going to LOVE working out again. And will remain motivated throughout.

Especially when you see and feel the changes in your body week to week!


resistance band program

BEG – INT Band Pump Muscle-Centric Exercise Technique Video Database

With every exercise teaching video at your fingertips, you’ll master the resistance band technique that actually works! You’ll know how to perform EVERY exercise effectively. And smash through your limitations to maximise your results!

You’ll learn how to workout smarter NOT harder. And become confident with every exercise – no more guess work. Enjoy a variety of band exercise movements.

All this means you’re going to become so good at performing every resistance band exercise… And your body is going to become so much stronger through effective technique… That I’ll be asking you to coach my clients!



Program Welcome Video & 'How To Perform This Program' Guide

I’ll take you through how to get the best out of this Program. So you understand how to navigate all its assets. You’ll know how to make lifestyle customisations, when to take rest days, and understand your weekly progression.

Which means you’ll begin your transformational journey within minutes.


Good form fast track

Good Form And Execution Fast Track

This Fast Track will give you exactly what you need to ensure you’re progressing. You’ll understand full ranges of motion, controlling the negative, and correct breathing. You’ll understand the importance of good form and how to know if you’re applying it.

Which means you'll have the knowledge to maximise your progression effectively and sustainably.


Warm-up for performance routine

The 5-Minute Warm-Up For Performance Routine

Perform this dynamic warm-up with me before every workout. So you can help prevent injury, and prepare your body and mind muscle-connection effectively.

Which means you’re going to move like a performance machine. And you'll reap the body transformational gains from every exercise.


Cool down for focus routine

The 5-Minute Cool Down For Focus Routine

Perform this focused cool-down with me to calm and ground your body. So you can step into your zone of brilliance each day.

You’ll finish strong with a tailored stretch routine to engage signalling pathways. Which means you’ll recover better & quicker. And your daily work productivity will be laser focused.


Fitness Freedom Athletes With Adam TRX Traveller

8 Weeks Of Email Accountability Check-Ins

Activate your weekly accountability and goal setting emails from me at any point. So you can transform your habits, and your body, for life. Which means you’ll stay on track with me giving you a motivational nudge when it’s needed.


resistance band muscle pump program

Complete Printable Workout Plan PDF Handbook

No internet access and want to take the Workout Plan with you? Or want to print it out? I've created an entire printable Workout Plan Handbook for you.

So you can store it on your phone, or print it off to scribble notes on. Which means you’ve got no excuses and it’s easier than ever to follow along anywhere



Access To Me On Email Support

I’m here for you for any questions or problems and to help you stay on the right path to achieve your fitness goal. The NO.1 thing people say to me is: “thank you for responding so quick”. I don’t wait around, because I love helping people. So you can rest assured knowing I’m in your corner. Which means you’ve got all the support you need.

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So, How Effective Is This Program At Helping You Transform Your Body?

2 reviews for Resistance Band Muscle Pump Program (BEG - INT)

  1. Avatar photo

    Brett (verified owner)

    I can’t say how happy I am with both the program and the customer service from Adam. This program has really changed how I workout and just in the last month I’ve gained 1% in lean muscle by focusing on the mind muscle connection. I love it so much I bought the next program.

  2. Avatar photo

    Steven (verified owner)

    This opened my eyes to how’s much can be gained from using just the resistance bands. Totally changed how I work out and I am loving it!

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At this point, you need to be in a coma...

..not to feel excited about about transforming your body with this Program!

And because I want to make sure that when you get this Program, you have EVERYTHING you need to SUCCEED...

Here Are 5 Special Bonuses...

That will make your transformation even FASTER, EASIER, and way beyond anything you were expecting...


Get lean evergreen nutrition blueprint

Lean Lifestyle Nutrition Blueprint

"Your Step-by-Step Guide To Optimise Your Nutrition For Building & Maintaining Your Leanest, Healthiest, & Most Energised Self"

Be honest with me...

I bet you’re still unsure about how to eat to build lean muscle whilst also losing fat...

To achieve the healthy, looking-great-naked body, you want.

After all, it’s 70% nutrition and you can’t out exercise the wrong diet.

The problem is, today's diet "advice" is completely useless for all of us who are busy.

“Eat healthier. Cut back on your carbs. Do hours of cardio. Eat more protein. Count your calories..."

This “cookie-cutter” advice has failed you in the past and it will continue to fail you if you keep listening.

Trust me.

I’ve tried every so-called ‘effective diet plan’ under the sun

Often with negative effects on my body and well-being, I've:

  • Crash dieted and destroyed my hormones
  • Lost years of hard-earned muscle
  • Rebounded to twice the amount of fat
  • ‘Bulked’ till my face was red and round

It all left me confused, burned out, and fed up.

So, I invested $5k in nutrition mentorship from a high-performance athlete.

And learned the most important nutrition FACT for sustained fat loss, muscle gain, and health…

It's NOT about what you eat. It's about how effectively your body USES what you eat.

Which comes down to how well your body is optimised. Specifically, your insulin sensitivity.

This also affects how well your body responds to exercise.

If you struggle to build lean muscle, have belly fat, and low daily energy...

You don't have good insulin sensitivity.

And it's affecting your health.

The longer you leave it, the worse it gets.

Poor insulin sesnsitivity makes it harder to build lean muscle, lose fat, have sustained energy, and balanced hormones

Right now, your body is functioning at half of its potential.

Unless you optimise your body first. You’re going to find it extremely hard to change it.

That’s why I'm giving you the 'Lean Lifestyle Nutrition Blueprint'

So you can gain a lean, healthy, and energised body FAST.

I'll teach you when and what to eat before, during, and after your workouts to optimise your insulin sensitivity.

So you improve your body's ability to use the nutrients you eat from food effectively. Which means you’ll:

1. Build lean muscle easier...

2. Wake up your dormant fat burning hormones...

3. Skyrocket your productive energy...

4. Raise your health markers...

Not only will you achieve your fitness goals. But you’ll also sleep better and improve your mental focus!

No more nutrition guesswork, binging, or restricting.

I’ve seen people lose inches of belly fat with ZERO exercise using this ‘Nutrition Blueprint’.

And when you combine it with this smart Program. Designed to stimulate lean muscle and functional strength...

You start seeing even faster results that will transform your body!

7 step-by-step videos will teach you:

Module 1: Elevating your 3 pillars to health and setting the foundation for a sustainable body transformation. Without rebounding or plateauing.

Module 2: Unlocking power and energy from effective food choices. And optimising your insulin levels throughout the day for health. Plus, best foods list (carbs, protein, fat).

Module 3: When to eat carbs and fats throughout the day (body optimisation) to build lean muscle. Without gaining fat - the ‘Evergreen Nutrition Framework’.

Module 4: Calculating and understanding your fat, protein, and carb intake for you fitness goal and lifestyle. Without complexity or it taking over your life.

Module 5: Your daily meals guide - exactly when and what to eat in each meal to gain an athletic, high-energy-healthier body. Best 'no-nonsense' supplements guide.

Module 6: Continued Success - what to monitor, how long, overcoming a big social weekend, and Fasting 101

Module 7: Adapting for different goals - how to lose lots of fat fast. And how to consistently build muscle without plateauing.

Bonus Value $800


Awakening muscle and mindset brilliance

Awakening Muscle & Mindset Brilliance

"Your Step-by-Step Guide To Unlocking Your Mind-Muscle Connection & Meditative Workouts So You Can Step Into Your Zone Of Brilliance Each Day"

This is my favourite and most overlooked aspect of fitness.

You're going to love it!

To build lean muscle you need to mindfully connect with the single muscle you are targeting. You need to internalise your focus and feel your body.

I’ll teach you how to engage your mind-muscle connection in every workout to achieve this. You’ll turn your workouts into a form of meditation.

It’s a double whammy

Not only do you improve you body shape, but also your mental well-being. Workouts will help you to:

1. Reduce anxieties...

2. Have less procrastinations...

3. Feel more grounded and calm...

4. Gain the ability to deep work (work success)...

5. Feel more confident (relationship success)...

This is using your body to master your mind!

It's a never ending improvement circle. As your mind improves improves, so does your body.

6 step-by-step videos will teach you:

Module 1: Awakening your mind-muscle connection, why muscle is life, and the WRONG beliefs that are holding you back.

Module 2: Unlock your buddha mode to feel calm, grounded, and focused whilst using fat burning pathways. Unleash your warrior mode to be powerful and explosive using carb burning pathways.

Module 3: The non-negotiable pre-workout routine to help with mind-muscle connection in workouts. And increased resiliance to daily stress outside of workouts.

Module 4: Meditative workouts - reducing stress, anxiety, and procrastinations without any of the woo woo stuff.

Module 5: Squash your limiting beliefs. Unlock continued body and mind transformation success.

Module 6: CASE STUDY: Build muscle without a gym - Ft Coach Adam (TRX Traveller) & Total Fitheads Podcast

Bonus Value $700


Execution and performance mastery

Execution & Performance Mastery

Now it’s time to take your workout performance to the next level!

With this training, you’ll know the 3-steps to the perfect exercise setup. You’ll Understand The 4 transformational principles to maximise your results from every workout.

You’ll know how to incorporate cardio without limiting your progression. And Understand your body’s anatomy to POWERFULLY visualise, connect, and contract each individual muscle.

Which means you’ll become a fitness guru and will impresses your friends and family. Not only with your new body, but also with your sound advice when they ask how you did it!

Here’s what you will get within this BONUS Execution & Performance Mastery:

Module 1: Muscle-centric technique deep dive. So you know how to apply it with every single exercise for maximum physique transforming results.

Module 2: Setting up for every exercise perfectly: feet positioning, strap length, and what do to if you’re finding the exercises too hard or easy.

Module 3: How to measure progression at your pace. From an external perspective and internal mental well-being perspective.

Module 4: How to become a master of movement with: Range of motion, negative phase, breathing, and muscle-contraction (the squeeze).

Module 5: The effective guide to incorporating cardio. Without it hindering your results.

Module 6: Anatomy secrets explained. So you know how each muscle works and how to move it (exercise) correctly to build lean muscle.

Module 7: The 7 High Performance Ingredients Bible. This is the icing on the cake that will take you into the realm of athletic performance.

Bonus Value $700


Metabolic HIIT Workout

Metabolic HIIT Program

Sometimes you want to squeeze something in fast. That's why I'm giving you my popular Metabolic HIIT Program - 10-15 min tailored bodyweight HIIT workouts to boost your metabolism and fat burning rate further...

Perfect to get fitter, quicker, and relieve stress, fast!

Bonus Value $400


Facebook Group

Access To The private Fitness Freedom Athletes Group

You’ll get access to a wonderful group of supportive and motivating people, on the same journey as you. So you can learn from others, ask questions, and even buddy-up. Which means you’re part of an inspiring little community and won’t feel alone on your fitness journey.

Bonus Value Priceless

That’s A Total Value Of $2500 In FREE BONUSES!

Just for joining the Resistance Band Muscle Pump Program TODAY!

(But, these bonuses may be gone tomorrow so act now!)

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The Results Don’t Stop There…


“Looking more muscular and fit and feeling great mentally”


“I’ve stumbled upon the holy grail…lifetime of happiness to go”

Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller


“Lost 26 Lbs and sold all his weights!”

Are You Ready To Burn, Build, & Sculpt In Just 8-Weeks With One Resistance Band?

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Yes! I Want The

Resistance Band Muscle Pump Program (BEG – INT)

Let’s Add Up Everything You’re Getting Instant Access To Today…

The Band Pump 8-Week Workout Plan ($400 VALUE)

  • Block 1: 4-Week Technique Phase
  • Block 2: 4-Week Intensity Phase

Muscle-Centric Exercise Technique Video Database ($440 VALUE)

  • Specific BEG-INT Band Exercise Technique Teaching For…
  • Chest, Arms, Legs, Abs, Back, Shoulders, Core Exercises
  • Alternatives For Injuries Support
  • Limitations/Other Requirements Support

Program Welcome Video & How To Perform Guide ($30 VALUE)

Good Form & Execution Guide ($50 VALUE)

Warm-Up Performance Routine ($50 VALUE)

Cool Down For Focus Routine ($50 VALUE)

8 Weeks Of Email Accountability Check-Ins ($99 VALUE)

Complete Printable Workout Plan Handbook ($30 VALUE)

Me On Email Support ($199 VALUE)

Lifetime Digital Access ($99 VALUE)

BONUS #1: Lean Lifestyle Nutrition Blueprint ($800 VALUE)

BONUS #2: Awakening Muscle & Mindset Brilliance ($600 VALUE)

BONUS #3: Execution & Performance Mastery ($700 VALUE)

BONUS #4: Metabolic HIIT Program ($400 VALUE)

BONUS #5: Fitness Freedom Athletes Private Group (Priceless)

Total Value: $3947

Normally: $189

Get Started Today:


Or x2 installments of $39.50

- Price in USD. Just One Investment. Lifetime Access -

resistance band muscle pump program
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**Backed by my ‘Love Your Results 100% Money-Back Guarantee’**
Join the Program today and I promise you’ll love your experience and results… or I give you a full refund. No questions asked. I make this guarantee because I want you to know this Program is the real deal. You have zero risk to join and try the Program today.


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100+ Reviews And Rated…


“Feel stronger and get compliments on my physique”


“Amazing results with a TRX and your muscle-centric technique!”


“Your Program has revolutionised my idea of fitness and what it means to workout”


“Seeing changes in my arms I’ve never seen!”


“Lost 14 Lbs doing the beginner Program & more importantly LEARNED A LOT”

Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller


“Lost 40+Lbs, getting lean, and showing great definition!”


“In the 4th week and seeing changes! I have much more energy throughout the day”


“Seen the most change and definition in my upper body over the last 9 weeks than I ever have!”

Review for Fitness Freedom Athletes with Adam TRX Traveller


“Your workout guide is absolutely fantastic!”

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It's Your Turn Now.

Imagine it's a few weeks from now...

You’re looking at yourself in your bathroom mirror.

Imagine seeing your new, lean, energetic, and ageless body staring back at you.

The body that you built with the proven Fitness Freedom Resistance Band Program that’s worked for you and over 4,000 other people before you…

Imagine the feeling of pride and confidence as you see your new body.

Your new body that will help you stay active, healthy, and strong to enjoy your family and life for decades to come.

Getting your lean fit body is finally possible for you

With just a resistance band and this Program – no matter how many fad diets or workouts have failed you in the past.

You deserve to enjoy lifelong health.

You also deserve a program that is designed specifically for you to build lean muscle and transform your body.

A one that is simple and easy to follow.

I believe your family and friends deserves to have you in tip-top shape too… 

IMAGINE in the next few weeks you will:


See the shocked look on the faces of your family & friends, as they stare in disbelief at your FIT NEW BODY.

Wake up feeling ENERGISED before the alarm ever goes off.

Regain the CONFIDENCE to walk around in your underwear and feel proud of the new lean body you’ve built.

Be more PRODUCTIVE at work, because your mind is feeling so much sharper and your body has more energy and STAMINA.

Feel PROUD of the good example you’re setting for your family and friends.

HEAL typical “age-related” aches and pains that are slowing all the other guys and girls around you down.

Have more PASSION and vitality in your love life, because your partner can’t keep their hands off you.

INSPIRE everyone around you with your transformation. Your friends & family will see the “new you” and get motivated to follow your lead.

The Resistance Band Muscle Pump Program is a Proven Program That Produces Powerful Body Transformation Results.

It’s Also a Lifestyle Approach That Makes Your Results Actually Sustainable.

“Great program! I am more mindful of my muscles and I feel great after. I love getting the challenge every time. Also easy to follow with perfect explanation of the exercises. I see and feel the results!…”


“Wish I’d discovered you sooner… finally understanding what a workout should be and feel like”


resistance band muscle pump program

And Remember... You Have Zero Risks With My 'LOVE Your Results & Experience 100% Money-Back Guarantee'