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Attention: Busy Professionals Over 30

Loose 5-10% Body Fat & Build Lean Muscle In 12-Weeks From Home. Results Guaranteed.

…Without Giving Up Your Favourite Foods Or Taking Time Away From Your Family!

Book Your Free, No Obligation ‘Body Audit’ Call With Me To Discuss Your Goals & Current Struggles & See If My Private Coaching Transformation Is A Good Fit…

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“I’ve loved the coaching and your support though it. It has been life-changing.” – Dean

“I feel completely different in many ways: I am energised, I enjoy getting up at 0530, I feel way more healthy, not sluggish just plodding through life. And I have lost 3 stone!” – Andy

Book Your Free ‘Body Audit’ Call

Please fill out the short survey after booking, so I know how best to help you. I will unfortunately have to cancel your call if this has not been filled out:

Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

From the desk of:
Coach Adam
Bodyweight Transformation Specialist
Founder of Fitness Freedom Athletes

RE: Are You Struggling With Belly Fat, Daily Fatigue, And Your Health?

Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

Dear friend,

Are you carrying belly fat that’s affecting your confidence?

Do you run out of energy each day because you’re not as fit and healthy as you know you should be?

Look, I understand.

You feel like you don’t have control over your routine, which is fast paced and more chaotic than a hurricane.

And you continue to blame your overloaded daily schedule for for being unfit and pushing your health to the back of the line.

Even though you know every part of your work and family life success relies on you being in good physical health.

I understand because I work with people like you every single day.

And all of my clients get incredible results even though, just like you, they’ve been struggling for years and years with…

Stubborn belly fat…

Daily fatigue…

And Having zero time.

And the reason they get these incredible results is because…

They follow my personalised “2-Step Body Optimisation Process.”

That delivers maximum results from minimal time and effort.

If You’re 100% Committed To Making a Life-Changing Transformation, Fast…

If you’re ready to melt your belly fat…

Double your productive energy…

And become more confident in yourself

Faster than you ever thought possible.

Then I’m 100% ready to work with you.

I personalise and simplify everything to match your lifestyle, so you don’t have to worry about anything but following the plan.

We work together as a team.

Whilst I tailor your diet and training, I also focus on teaching you everything I know, transforming your mindset, and giving you the structure you need with high accountability.

Anyone can follow a diet and workout, but knowledge, mindset, and structure are where the long term results lie.

And After 12 Weeks, I Want You To Fire Me

I mean it.

If you haven’t completely transformed your body in 12 Weeks, fire me. And I will give you full-refund. Guaranteed.

I make this guarantee because I have a 98% success rate.

And The Best Part

It costs less than a weekly session with a personal trainer at your local gym…

You can do it all from home…

And the only equipment you need is either your bodyweight, resistance band, or a suspension trainer.

So go ahead, book your free no obligation consultation call with me below.

And let’s chat about transforming your body.

Transform Your Body. Transform Your Life,
Coach Adam
Bodyweight Transformation Specialist

“…It’s hard to put into words what a transformational experience it has been woking with Coach Adam. Not just in regards to my physique – which is finally something I’m happy with after 20 years of trying and failing – but also in my understanding of exactly how diet and training affects my body…” – Dave

” I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate Coach Adam. Wherever and whoever is reading this, I’ll say this. There are aesthetic gains to be had for sure, but there is also the chance to maintain a fitness routine in the most unpredictable moments. To feel solid wherever you go, mentally and physically.” – Ben

Book Your Free ‘Body Audit’ Call

Please fill out the short survey after booking, so I know how best to help you. I will unfortunately have to cancel your call if this has not been filled out:

How It Works


Initial Body Audit Session

Get on a call with me so I can do a deep dive into your: Lifestyle, goals, needs, current diet, food loves and loathes, medical history, and daily and weekly schedule. With this information I then create your personalised plan.


Coaching and Accountability EVERY DAY

 We’ll be in touch with each other every day via WhatsApp. You’ll get everything personalised with full accountability so you make consistent progress towards your goals. I’ll guide you, teach you, and challenge you on this journey together. While giving you encouragement to stick with it.


Get Results

 Most coaching programs only focus on workouts and nutrition, then palm you off onto a fitness app with a random coach. But not with me. We work together as a team. Whilst I tailor your diet and training, I also focus on teaching you everything I know, transforming your mindset, and giving you structure with high accountability. Anyone can follow a diet and workout, but knowledge, mindset and structure are where the long term results will lie.

Recent Success Story

Andy Lost 42Lbs (3 Stone) In 3 Months. He Shed Unhealthy Visceral Belly Fat & Now Wakes Up Buzzing With Energy!

Fitness Freedom Athletes Review
Fitness Freedom Athletes Review
Fitness Freedom Athletes Review

What was your life like before we got started?

I had struggled with my weight for a number of years. I suffered a heart attack due to a blocked artery which highlighted a lifetime of poor diet and lifestyle choices.

I was pretty sure that I was killing myself slowly and wouldn’t be around to see my daughter grow up. I was basically stuck in a rut, coupled with a very busy and demanding role at work meant I didn’t even have the headspace to work on a clear strategy. I felt slow and sluggish and basically depressed.

What was the reason you wanted to start working with me?

The call gave me the sense of exactly what I needed, a whole reset on my diet and exercise. I needed to be told what to do and guided through the entire process. I needed a structure I could stick to with a coach that was actually there to ask questions or to motivate when needed, not a PT in the gym who said do this do that whilst looking at his phone!

What was the process like working with me?

Seamless! Questions and queries always answered, diet plans and exercise always tweaked when the data was telling you to. Great and very easy experience and knowing you are on the other side of whatsapp 24/7 is a godsend

After going through this process with me, what is your life like now?

I am energised, I enjoy getting up at 0530, I feel way more healthy and not sluggish and plodding through life. I have lost 3 stone. I feel 100% better knowing that all of the XL clothes I owned are on vinted and never to return! I can also finally understand what lean, functional muscle is.

I don’t feel bloated anymore and have lost stiffness in my joints. I now have a solid grounding to keep on top of what I eat

I feel that I have the tools and drive to keep eating healthily as I just feel so much better in my own body. I now feel like I have a longer future because I am being proactive and on top of things heart wise. Knowing I should hopefully live longer and be here to see my daughter grow up  is the greatest thing that I could have ever hoped for.

Fitness Freedom Athletes Review
Fitness Freedom Athletes Review



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What equipment do I need?

You can do the entire transformation with just bodyweight. Or if you have a suspension trainer or resistance band. We also incorporate that too.

What about diet?

I personalise and simplify everything so you don’t have to worry about anything but following the plan.

I keep as much of the food you’re currently eating within the plan, but it’s re-jigged. Unhealthy food / cheat meals are a no for the initial Reset Phase. Then we’ll discuss how to incoporate them in after the reset phase.

How does it work?

Put simply, your 12-week transforamtion is split into 3 phases:

  1. Reset Phase
  2. Growth Phase
  3. Transformation Phase

My whole process is based on optimisng your body for maximam health and results by improving your insulin sensitivty and metabolic flexibility.

I don't have much time to workout can I still benefit?

Yes. The minimum amount of workouts I want you to do is 3-4, 20 min workouts per week. 

I've tried following nutrition advice before and failed

That’s not your fault.

When it comes to nutrition, most plans flood you with PDF print outs from online library collections.

They sound appealing at first:

“115 fat loss recipe guide”
“macro calorie calculator for the perfect body”

The truth is, it’s not what you eat, it’s how effectively your body USES the nutrition you eat.

Unless your body is working optimally with your metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and hormone production.

You will see minimal results and remain frustrated.

Even though you’re following ‘that guide’ to a T.

You can have all the plans at your disposal.

But unless you understand how to optimise your body first, and do it, they are useless.

It’s kinda like giving someone the tools to build their dream home, without ever teaching them how a home is built.

YET, if you’re looking for a smarter, more specific, and completely sustainable way to get healthy, build lean muscle mass, and lose fat..then I’ve got you covered.

I’ll optimise your nutrition to improve your insulin sensitivity and metabolic flexibility.

Which means you’ll

• Build lean muscle easier
• Boost your metabolism for easier and consistent fat loss
• Optimise your hormones to double your energy
• And improve your body’s health markers

Not only will achieve a lean body that looks great naked.

But you’ll also double your daily ENERGY, sleep better and improve your mental focus for productivity.

And you won’t have any more nutrition guesswork, yo-yoing, binging, or restricting.

I'm too old, unfit, inexperienced

I’ve privately coached. andtransfrmed the lives of  men and women from the age of 35 up to 75, from beginner to advanced levels. Just look at the success stories and reviews. You are NOT too old. FACT! So please get that out of your head right now.

I have limited energy to exercise

I get it, That’s not your fault, you’re very busy. One of the biggest mistakes that I see happening today is the idea of training HARD and sapping all the energy you have. Simply training hard is stupid, and it’s often the reason joint problems and injuries occur. It’s NOT about hard work. It’s kinda like if try to play the guitar for the first time right… it’ll probably sound terrible. Now let’s assume your coach is sitting next to you yelling at you to play harder and faster… That doesn’t make sense, right? It’s about an intelligent approach to nutrition and training which exactly what you’ll do in this Program. An approach that gives you more energy, not reduces it.

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