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TRX Suspension Training Beach Body Program

15 reviews for Beach Body Program (Intermediate)

  1. Ron M.

    This is the 3rd program of Adam’s that I’ve completed. It was very challenging and enjoyable for this 65 year old and I am really enjoying my new fitness lifestyle away from traditional weight training! I am loving the results and am now going to tighten up my diet to even better display the muscle I’ve developed from it! I am very much looking forward to the next program!

  2. Michael Kaselnak

    3 weeks in and I’m loving it. I am not getting the normal niggles and aches in the joints I get with weight training and yet getting the same great strength training workouts. Love the How-to videos.

  3. Aaron Hoort

    I really am enjoying the Beachbody program so far. About halfway through and I look forward to progressing each workout.

  4. Mike B

    With a lot of junk workout programs online, I am always very hesitant to buy someone’s workout programs. I am glad I took a chance on Adam’s workouts. It is obvious he put a lot of time into creating balanced programs that ramp up gradually as you get stronger. These are hands down the best TRX workouts I found online and are very effective at a full body and core workout.

  5. Angela Separovic (verified owner)

    Awesome way to work out. I’ve noticed the positive effect it’s had on my rock climbing. I’m strong and agile. The mind-body connection aspect is meditative and energising.

  6. Amy L (verified owner)

    Huge fan of Adam’s TRX material. This is the second program I’ve bought from him and in halfway through. I combined or changed up some exercises again because I’m still scaling up to the program but the results are amazing. I enjoy these workouts in the morning and combine some MetCon to keep motivated each day. Thanks, Adam!

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TRX Suspension Training Beach Body Program