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TRX Suspension Training Total Body Enhance Program

2 reviews for Total Body Enhance Program (Beginner)

  1. Ronald Marley

    These programs and instruction on focusing on the mind muscle connection is really working, loving the challenge and enjoying training again after years of going through the motions! This is exactly what I needed to get this 65 year old body back in shape! I have to do better on the diet end, which I will do, then lookout!

  2. Tony

    The TRX Total Body Enhance Program is exactly that. I’ve been on the program for just 6 weeks now and it is working perfectly for me: I feel stronger, more resilient and able to dig much, much deeper when I train.

    The program IS a challenge and takes genuine commitment but the rewards for me have been great. I had been an occasional TRX user for years but all of my training had gone completely stale and I had lost a lot of motivation.

    Adam’s program changed my attitude and mindset from the get-go. The results are genuinely phenomenal for me personally.

    I’ve already bought the next level of Adam’s Program and can’t wait to see where that takes me!

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TRX Suspension Training Total Body Enhance Program