6+ Years TRX Only Training & Physique Update

December 15, 2020

Brought to you by…
Coach Adam
(aka TRX Traveller)
Body Transformation Coach
Founder of Fitness Freedom Athletes

6+ Years TRX Only Training & Physique Update. In this video I cover the phycological and physical benefits to TRX training in ones own space, with a little physique update at the end.

Video Subtitles for 6+ Years TRX Only Training & Physique Update

Hey how’s it going TRX Traveller adam here a little video on why i don’t use a gym anymore and why i only train with a trx a lot of people ask me um do i only train as a trx yes i do it’s been six years now just training for trx um in various parts of the world and right now i am in london for the first evil getting older um hopefully a little wiser and potentially looking to settle a little bit not that i won’t ever stop traveling with my backpack on certainly love it but there was a time um i’m 34 now there was a time um in my twenties uh actually from probably 17 uh 16-17 i’ve always had a huge um unquenchable thirst for for fitness and the knowledge in it the application of fitness and with it obviously what comes with nutrition um and there was a time when it was a real blessing and a curse and because i especially through my twenties um my young twenties um i spent most of my time in a gym i believed fitness results could only exist in a gym um and i was pretty much addicted to being in the gym um if i went maybe more than two or three days without being in the gym without that feeling of having worked out i didn’t feel myself i potentially didn’t think in fact no i know i didn’t think i looked as good or i felt as good you know um when you’re in the gym or when you when you challenge your body and i think people assume that challenge and of the body can only happen in gym it does feel good you get endorphins you know that pump that feeling it does feel good and it is addictive and it’s a fantastic thing uh you know anything any place that sort of encourages fitness is a fantastic place however there was a problem because i also love to travel and experience of the cultures trekking backpacking it was my dream to go off and explore on my own and and to see the world and put myself out to it and work in other countries um and as i trained people in the gym you know it became a very sort of training outside outside of that for me personally um rather than talking about my clients and that sort of stuff i became so intertwined in the gym and stuck in it believing that results only existed there that i found it hard to separate myself so i would want to travel but i would think right i need to be near a gym and i can’t be away from a gym for too long and when i was in a gym itself i would often look at other people around me i’d compare myself to others you know the guy who’s bigger than me the guy who’s lifting more than me and the guy a girl who’s looking more ripped than me um and there was there’s always a bigger fish as i said and i felt like little nemo um and often in the gym that it left me deflated and it shifted my focus so my focus wouldn’t then become on me and my goal it would become on other people what they are doing and that cascading effect would leave me psychologically deflated and it it would just make me go back to ticking boxes so i’d go in and i’d be like right i just have to curl i just have to squat i just have to bench and i have to leave and i it got to the point where i wasn’t necessarily doing it for fulfilling reason reasons or reasons that would provide me with good mental health benefits it became a chore a task get in get out kind of thing and on top of that you know the amount of money i was spending on the gym 50 pound a month 56 pound month you know you clocked that up over five six seven years that’s that’s over four thousand pound that’s a long time traveling um and eventually it got to the point where i was barely seeing results or any progression plateaus i was trying everything under the sun i used to believe you know in all the marketing hype i’ve taken this supplement this supplement and you know i i’d vary and try what other people were doing rather than focusing on me um and eventually i got sick and not not sick physically but just just sick and tired really and i thought screw it you know what i am going to just leave and get my backpack i want to see the world i need to get out of a bit of a london bubble and i need to explore what’s out there and broaden my horizons broaden my mind and it was a trx that i chose to take in a resistance band and that’s when everything changed for me because that’s when i had to not look at or get be distracted by other people and i’m not i didn’t have to look at just lifting weights i you know would lift a lot of the time weights that were too much for me and i would focus on just trying to lift heavy and letting go of form and you know i used to train with ego um train with my balls and not with my brain i would say um and yeah outside of that with a trx i had to shift that that belief and i had to um along with starting to study a lot of mindfulness and meditation i had to really really look to internalise uh myself and it also happened quite naturally actually because when i was traveling i i would train in my own space you know i took the trx i’d go to a tree and i’d have to really focus on technique and when a lot of factors get removed so other people how much you’re lifting girl all that sort of stuff a lot of distractions and it you you take away all that sort of stuff it’s a lot easier to focus on what you need to focus on and with the trx that is that is technique it is long time under tensions it’s violent muscle contractions and it’s mind to muscle connection it’s really internalising and um i started to see in myself physically much better developments because i started to really break um exercises down you know i would work on full ranges of motion i would i studied because i wanted to understand full ranges of motion and time and attention more i studied under mentor so i you know i have a fascination and being able to build muscle and transform one’s body and with a trx anywhere so i i looked um and i did mentorships with from bodybuilders and i looked and and i looked at um stage athletes women and men and i learned from them um and then i started to learn a lot about you know i i thought to myself well if if mind to muscle this mindfulness exercise muscle-centric exercise is is this being able to to master your mind uh to feel a muscle and understand and feel how it’s working through that range of motion then i need to understand more about my mind in essence mental health so i started to practice a lot about mindfulness and meditation and that then change so much um i you know my my physical appearance starts change and don’t get me wrong you know i’m i’m not a big guy i’m not trying to be a big guy i just like to be able to shape my body i love to build muscle i love transformer body and i do it naturally you know i i the the wildest thing i take now is creatine and mushroom extracts i love mushrooms and reishi and lion’s mane mushroom for the mind and the soul the body um but doing that and you know putting myself just pitting myself against myself so to speak changed everything it my physical um appearance started to develop better more aesthetic i wasn’t so much just blocky and from just trying to lift strength um and my mental health change as well every session became meditation and i really was like you know there’s there’s something in this there’s something in this but for me personally is working and then experiment that for six or seven years or through all parts of the world is what sort of led me here today and that’s why i have this huge passion of of helping people who potentially might be that might be in the same situation as me um or have been and have struggled or not struggled in the gym and but not got to where they want to or they’re looking to sort of a way to exercise but with mental health too you know the phrase using your body to master your mind and that’s what that’s why it’s my passion to help people do that and i love it and i get huge joy and rushes out of it because i meet so many people who have a similar story to me and and you know when i sort of show them the possibilities of of muscle-centric exercise with the trx not just moving it can really open up their world and it can do the same for what it did to me um and you know the biggest thing that i ever learned through this was the body doesn’t know if you’re holding a trx handle or a dumbbell all it knows is the violent contraction you can place under it through a range of motion and a perfect range of motion um at that when you can because that’s what’s going to lead to obviously the progression and i think once you start to realise that and and sort of let go of this hook of the gym others need to be in it if if that is you know what you’ve been struggling with then the trx and in your own space you know um can can be what you need um don’t get me wrong i have nothing against gyms um i think the fantastic places the problem i had with them was what i associate them to be and they for me they they turned into too much of an anchor too much of a chain because i i wanted to be able to go off and and explore and do things but i also wanted to be able to stay fit and it took a while for me to have that belief that that was possible just with a trx or a resistance band you know and it can certainly be done just with body weight movements once you start to really understand that you don’t it’s not the weight it’s the the contractional force and the mind to muscle connection internal feeling the talking to your muscle and telling it to grow to you know and working on perfect technique to force blood into it to force nutrients into it that’s what leads to development and that can absolutely be done with just body weight as well however the trx is just a more functional tool because there’s a lot more you can do with it and then you can just with your body that being said you know there’s there’s no harm in in just doing bodyweight exercise and if you know how to specifically isolate um each muscle and with specific intent that’s all you need bodyweight you know when i do when i do squats for example um and you know my mates are like yo i can do hundreds of bodyweight bodyweight squats and i’m like well that’s great but what are you actually trying to train so for me if i was doing a squat i think right i want to train my outer quads so i want to train the outer chords here so what do i do i push outwards i constantly push outwards up and down now if you do that constantly pushing outwards constantly pushing outwards up constantly pushing outwards down and you take your time four seconds down one second up four seconds let you know and you long time on tension holy [ __ ] you are not going to be able to do many squats believe me because you’re isolating just the outer quad it’s taking all the tension and it wears and breaks down faster and this you know that behind little example is is the same through every single exercise um right from um press-ups for example not just pushing up and down you should pushing in you know pressing in to put all of the tension onto the chest muscles pressing in as you go up and down then then see how many press-ups you can do you know i can only maybe do five or six proper press ups when i press up and down and i take my time i normally do press ups on my knees because i isolate the chest muscle um now i don’t mean to go for the tangent there um because this it was is a conversation about why i let go of the gym and that was why it was having a negative effect on my life it was having a good physical effect i was in there sweating i was pumping blood um you know cardiovascular challenge but i get that now with the trx and i get it to do anywhere in my own space in my own time i don’t have to wait for people in a gym i’m not comparing myself to people i don’t have to deal with egos that can come with a gym and what’s more it’s turned into meditation for me when i exercise in my own space um i internalise everything i’m only focused on me and the specific internal feeling now that’s meditation you know what is meditation meditation is focusing on just one thing and holding it in your mind and not being distracted by other things and so when you really sort of get into the into a workout with trx you know i mean even better in nature it’s beautiful if you found a beautiful tree on quite remote beach and you’re working out wow you can i think the connection with nature and exercise and and the mind is phenomenal um so um what was i saying i’ve gone off on a tangent again and yes i come out of you know most of my trx workouts um unless i’m extremely stressed and something what just keeps bugging me on my mind um you know i come out of them like whoa that feels awesome the pumps feel awesome the the challenge and the full ranges of motion but also the mental health possibilities feel awesome because i’ve i’ve took my focus just on me and it’s solely been on me and internalised um and and that is why that’s why i now even been in london with access to lots of gyms granted um not right now June covered but um even in london i i wouldn’t choose to go back um now obviously my my goals my fitness goals are different and from people i couldn’t i can’t train strength here you know if i wanted to get the power lifting and strength training and which is more what i used to do when i was younger um yes i i would need a gym i would need somewhere to do weights or i would i don’t think i could buy them here not sure if the the um the floor could take care not that i can lift that much but i wouldn’t want to put the floor on any stress um so yeah it’s um it’s an interesting um thing mentally and an interesting way to grow and it’s very interesting when you take away distractions and fitness and i think you look at professional bodybuilders really good stage athletes really good bodybuilders who look phenomenal you know and albeit they might be on the anabolic chicken or the juice or whatever but you still got to look at them and you still don’t look at their ability to take themselves into their own space in their own time and their own focus and not be distracted by what’s going on you know they still have to work hard and be able to internalise and feel so i do have admiration for that because it is a mental process too it’s not just always uh an angry like gift as much as i can um scenario um but i don’t want a tangent away and i am as i always do i think it’s north not the northern room he likes to likes to blabber on and chat and going off on old tangents my reason for doing this vid was to was to sort of explain why um it’s only um a Trx exercise that i do and i also wanted to give a little physique update as well because um after December i’m going to be doing a cut i’ve kind of been doing a sort of gentle bulk um for maybe about seven or eight months now uh with with some fasting in between to kind of help my insulin levels regulate and and for um regeneration of cells and mental clarity um a little bit of cyclic and cyclical cycling with you know higher carb weeks low low carb weeks but overall it’s pretty much been a seven or eight month um bulking because uh it’s just been a bit crazy moving back from buenos aires to london and sort of unraveling life to settle so uh yeah i thought i’d give a bit of a sleek update because in January the cut’s gonna happen and i’m excited to see what’s developed [Music] you

Coach Adam  (aka TRX Traveller)

Coach Adam (aka TRX Traveller)

Bodyweight Transformation Specialist

I help people build lean muscle, lose fat, and transform their body anywhere! With my complete body transformation TRX Suspension Trainer and Resistance Band Programs, and Private 1-1 Coaching.

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