Master these 4 skill areas within your TRX workouts for greater development

May 07, 2021
Coach Adam aka TRX Traveller - Fitness Freedom Athletes I hope you enjoy this post. You may also enjoy the FFA Suspension Trainer Programs to build lean muscle and transform your body.

Mastering these 4 skill areas with TRX muscle-centric exercise, helped me to greatly develop a body I feel more internally connected to and externally grateful for.

Being aware of them like a mental checklist for each workout and practising them to obtain a high degree of competency WILL lead to quicker and greater results:

1. Stability.

  • Practising and mastering the ability to NOT move. Huh?
  • We want to isolate single muscles to develop them. In order to do this we must acquire the skill of stability.
  • Locking the body in stone, to then initiate a single range of motion with the one specific muscle.
  • Overloading that one muscle and not allowing any other muscle to help.

2. Skill.

  • TRX Jedi Mastery should precede hard work.
  • It’s never about doing more. It’s about focusing on doing it better. Focusing on ‘how well am I performing this TRX exercise’ NOT on how many reps or how fast am I doing it.

3. Output.

  • Owning the ability to do high-quality work with a controlled mind but relentless effort and motivation.
  • Get uncomfortable within workouts.
  • That burn isn’t a sign to stop it’s a sign to play and explore and push further. Focus and discipline yield AWESOME output.

4. Mobility.

  • A lack of mobility can also be a lack of muscular balance due to improper full range of motion form.
  • Focus on fully lengthening the muscle at one end, and fully contracting it at the other (the SQUUEEEZE!).
  • Then link this with breath. Try breathing only through the nose. Mouth closed.

It’s easy to just DO a workout. External mindset.

I’ve been there myself for many years. It didn’t yield much other than injuries.

Feel and explore. Internal mindset💪.

Master these 4 skill areas with TRX exercise. They are the 4 foundational teachings within my TRX and Resistance Band Programs

Stay safe stay healthy

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Mastering these 4 skill areas with TRX muscle-centric exercise, helped me to greatly develop a body I feel more internally connected to and externally grateful for

By Coach Adam  (aka TRX Traveller)

By Coach Adam (aka TRX Traveller)

Body Transformation Coach

I help people build lean muscle and transform their body from home with my Fitness Freedom Suspension Trainer and Resistance Band Programs, and Private 1-1 Coaching.

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