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March 02, 2023

My Secret To Building Muscle With a TRX

The one focus I relentlessly try to master in every single TRX workout that has helped me consistently build lean muscle mass…

Placing my mind inside my muscle for that powerful SQUEEZE!

Pulling the right lever can have the biggest change and sometimes it’s not the most obvious…

And in case you’d prefer to read it…

The one thing you can mindfully do in any resistance band or TRX workout to improve the amount of quality lean muscle that you build

Now, most people when they exercise just move now we call that movement-centric exercise.

If you’re using a bicep curl or TRX bicep curl as an example I might just mindlessly curl up and down and go through the motions, now that’s movement-centric exercise

Instead, we want to focus on muscle-centric exercise now.

I know people are already doing this quite well because I’ve had a lot of messages and I’ve seen it all in the Fitness Freedom Athletes Facebook community group.

If we take that same example a bicep curl, even with let’s say adequate mindful muscle centric I’ll contract my bicep to cause movement and i’m going to squeeze at the top super hard.

Then i’m going to go back down slowly I’m going contract the tricep at the bottom to stretch the bicep and then contract the bicep up super hard to curl back up.

Now that’s good technique don’t get me wrong but we can make that even better and we can do it to every single exercise.

There’s one thing i’d like you to focus on specifically at the start of the exercise to really truly mindfully connect to that muscle.

As you start… squeeze!

So in essence we always finish with a really powerful squeeze right, so start as you finish. Start with that squeeze.

What i want you to try and do is start with your arm squeezed.

Now i want you to contract the biceps without letting the arm bend just focus on squeezing that bicep muscle but not bending the arm.

Squeeze your arm really hard and it will automatically start to bend.

If we continue that squeeze to the top and keep that squeeze as we go down keeping that squeeze, maintaining it and then squeezing back up and squeezing at the top again.

You’ll find you begin to shake because you squeeze so hard.

Just off those two reps we can feel so much tension and so much breakdown already, just off those two reps

That is how we can take mindful muscle-centric movement to a whole other level by powerfully squeezing the muscle through the whole range of motion.

You’ve got to beat that my squeeze face focus to know you’re doing it!

We can apply this to any single exercise.

Maybe for your quads squeeze the quads before you’re going to squat down, squeeze the quads and now let’s go down and maintain that powerful squeeze through the entire range of motion.

We’re really applying loads of time under tension with this and this is how muscle is built, time under tension.

The more tension we can put through that muscle through a big range of motion with good technique the better the breakdown and the better results.

If you found you hit a plateau with your TRX workouts or your resistance band stop and think about that in every single exercise…

How can I begin as I end?

You know we always end with a powerful top squeeze but how can you begin like that… how can you begin with a powerful squeeze at the start to then continue it.

So in essence the entire rep becomes a powerful squeeze.

It’s not something that will happen straight away I still forget to do this all the time, but when I really ground myself and make myself aware and I begin that squeeze…

the growth is exponential!

That’s because the ability to mindfully connect and mindfully squeeze that specific muscle can just grow and grow and grow

Internal focus and practice!

My Secret To Building Muscle With a TRX
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