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September 18, 2020

Struggling to build muscle with a TRX? Try this.

Not seeing TRX muscle development? This is probably why.

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Struggling to build muscle with a TRX? Try this.

Struggling to build muscle with a TRX? Try this. Subtitle export

Hey how’s it going trx traveller adam here, today we’re gonna have a quick little discussion in this vid um about why you potentially might not be building muscle with a trx um i’ll chat through potentially why the science behind it what we know and at the end i’ll cover how it relates to depending on what level of fitness you’re at whether it’s beginner intermediate advanced now i’ll try and make this quick as well because uh being a normal i tend to rub it on quite a lot so i’m gonna i’m gonna try and make this simple and concise um the muscle um has three ranges of strength um the first range is um concentric so that is in simple terms when we contract like that so it’s contraction the second um strength is what we call isometric and isometric is um is when you hold it so it’s holding it so it’s keeping my weight there and i’m holding and i’m holding and i’m holding and the third strength that the muscle has is eccentric so eccentric is the downward phase so when you’re lowering your low on your lauren opposite to the concentric which is that phase now to exhaust a muscle completely to cause full catabolic breakdown of the muscle fibres to encourage or force the muscle to to rebuild bigger better and you need to break a muscle down across its three ranges of strength now 99 of people only focus on one range of strength and that is just like this just pumping you know you’ve seen it all before and i’m sure you’ve done it yourself you’re just pumping your pump and you’re pumping you hit your numbers all right i’m done i’m done if we’re looking at a muscle and that’s only one range of strength that you’ve depleted in that muscle that’s let’s say 33 of the muscle depleted its strength its fibers that haven’t fired off now if you then go to what we know from science and tests that even the best bodybuilders in the world can only contract their muscle 50 amateurs or just general fitness enthusiasts it’s ranging between 20 to 30 percent yes you do get some freaks who i imagine nowadays exponentially more maybe pushing up to 60 percent but if you look at that that even the pros are only hitting about 50 percent let’s say of a proper muscular contraction so so that means getting as many fibers to fire and fatigue as possible as they’re exercising now if we were if we are only achieving 33 breakdown of the muscle because we’re only focused on a concentric phase just colon just curling combined with the fact that we’re only maybe 30 percent good at being able to mindfully recruit and contract violently the muscle to cause the fibers to break down that’s 20 to 30 percent of 33 so that’s like it’s gone from it’s what would be the full muscle to just the concentric phases here 33 to then here so that potentially is a reason why you might not be building muscle with a trx because you’re not first of all um maybe maybe you’re still developing what it feels like to properly contract the muscle that’s fair enough you know i think um even the pros are still still learning that and everyone is still i don’t think there’s anyone who can say i’m an expert at contracting a muscle to 100 um but what we should focus on is breaking the muscle down across all three of its strength ranges now how do you do that well say you were doing trx curls you would hit your recommended rep number but you would and now this is where it’s it’s a it’s a balance between different levels of fitness depending on your what you’re at obviously you need some numbers to follow however they should just be a guide if you can do more if you’ve got one or two more in the tank you should go for that and you should really get it out it shouldn’t the numbers shouldn’t be there to hit you know absolutely they’re kind of a guide and estimate because we all differ on in programs so what you do if you’re doing trx curls you would curl and then you start to fail you start to fail so what you would then do is you could do partials little pumps and then as the partials fail you would then just hold yourself so you’d be holding and you’d be shaking probably and then eventually you would slowly slowly be low on yourself low on yourself own yourself blow on yourself low on yourself and lower yourself now if you do that you take the com the first phase the concentric phase the curl and absolute failure by just doing partials you then take the isometric the holden to failure the second phase and you then take the third phase the eccentric right to failure you can then be pretty much guaranteed you’re trying your absolute best to deplete and fire all the muscle fibers within that one muscle now this is where it depends on your level if you are a beginner your muscles aren’t used to intensity so just simple simply curling just simply curling not even to exhaustion maybe just to eight reps until you’re like ah i’m done would be enough to elicit growth because the muscle hasn’t adapted the more you train the more the muscle can adapt to intensity the more the muscle adapts to that intensity the less it advances now if you were a beginner and you did just what i explained and you took everything to failure the curl to failure the isometric hold to failure and the eccentric to failure over three sets of just biceps and you’re a beginner you would severely break down the muscle so much so that it would take you know to for for a general fitness enthusiast who’s who’s mediocre trained is you know does it quite regularly if you break a muscle down properly it can actually take between four to seven days if you break it down properly and i’m talking like what i just showed you for a beginner that could stretch to seven days seven from 14 to 14 days to fully rebuild the muscle before it stops aching and even after the ache it’s still going to be rebuilding if you then as a beginner jump back into it when it hasn’t fully rebuilt you can actually regress or you can plateau and stop the muscle from rebuilding because it’s it’s broken it’s it so it’s it’s broken it’s healing it’s healing you then break it again it’s healing it’s it’s break it again it’s never fully you’re never fully allowing it to heal to bind to grow to then break to heal to bind to grow so you’ve got to be careful you’ve got to earn the side of caution and there’s then on top of that many different ways to implement intensity so for example every set you do you could just quite simply do three sets but make sure you take every single set to absolute depletion across the three ranges curling isometric or eccentric or you could add on drop sets which to which would help you so drop set you you basically you know you’d be hanging like this take it take it to your exhaustion you’d step back a bit take it to exhaustion step back a bit take it so you’d reduce the intensity but try and keep going until the muscle’s completely depleted that’s another way to sort of help stress it um but because you’re not actively focusing on the three different ranges of thought there’s a question as to whether it’s it’s you know it is one better than the other and it’s a complex world when it starts to get into intensities um now back to my point about being a beginner if you then said to a beginner okay i wanted to take it to absolute failure and depletion across your three strength ranges and it took them between seven or more days to heal so they could only train you know that muscle every seven to 14 days because it was taking so long to heal number one that can be off-putting psychologically number two it’s difficult to get in a routine when it’s and it’s that spaced out and so that’s the reason why depending on your level it’s not necessarily needed to to deplete the muscle in that way across the three ranges of strength um if you’re at a medium level and you plateau a little bit you could then start um depleting the muscle just on the very last set so you do two normal sets where you hit the ranges and you and you let it go and then on your third final set you could be then going right now i’m going to deplete it across every single um strength range so you fail you fail and then you hold you hold and then you lower once that fails lower so you could just do it on the final set if you feel you’re quite advanced you could do it on every set um now i like to to do this this type of training um i am not saying that i’m the most advanced um i’m not saying i’m the best um at building muscle it that’s that’s not my intention with the trx my intention is is the freedom and ability it gives you to have fitness anywhere and for me it’s it’s a way to keep in shape wherever i am in the world and it’s a way for me to have my own meditative time um training with the trx very internal i internalize everything i focus um and i feel the muscle um i mindfully contract and what interests me is body sculpting with it i’m not trying to be a bodybuilder i’m not trying to be the strongest person in the world or have the best body in the world i’m trying to just feel good in myself and have a body that i love and i’m happy with um so but on the trx in front i would say i’m quite advanced with it because i’ve been doing it for six to seven years now just exercising with a trx um so for me to elicit um growth i feel i have to take every step to failure across the three strength ranges so that is potentially why you might not be um building muscle or growing with a trx because you might only be depleting one strength range and even within that one depletion you might only be 20 or 30 good at it so you’re at a tiny end of the spectrum and it really just shows you even if the pros can only contract it and muscle 50 worth of the fibers it really just shows you how much further we’ve got to go just as like a species to be able to to mindfully do that and feel the muscle contract so what i’d advise you to do is is to to really think about that in your training think about the three different ranges of strength now i um um explain this information and i’m not saying that you know you could go so much deeper into what i’ve just said i’m trying to just give a a basic breakdown of it i’m not saying that i fully know how deep you can go i don’t it’s just what i study and what i practice what i read and what i learned from mentors as well um so yeah bear that in mind when you are trained with a trx um if you have stumbled upon this video and you’re lifting weights in the gym same principle applies you know um give it a give it a go and be mindful of that try it out and and see the difference see even just try doing one or two sets making sure you hit the three ranges to absolute completion and depletion sorry and feel it over the next few days when i when i say do uh um well for example i just did a shoulder workout which i’m gonna post the video and i took pretty much all the sets to that depletion what i’ve just told you um across the three ranges and it was three days days ago now and my shoulders are still on fire they’re still aching i’m not doing a single upper body workout because um it all involves your shoulder when i don’t want to over train and you’ve got to allow the body to rest and overcompensate to then to rebuild um so don’t be scared to take rest you know and you don’t need to eat less you should eat the same all the time and just maybe swap out some of the simple digestive carbs for fats but on your rest day um i’m waffling and i said i wouldn’t so i’m going to stop there and i’ll do some more sort of videos like this and chats like this and i’ll also put a link to the the fitness fitness freedom facebook group below where um i’m starting to have discussions about this um about muscle depletion about cyclical cycling uh instant sensitivity uh mindful training um so if you’re interested you want to join the debate or read more um please feel free to join it um and hopefully maybe in in january um we’ll do a eight week uh lean cut together hopefully when locked down and things like that have sort of eased a bit um i don’t think now’s a good time because food is uh it’s a pleasure especially if you’re having to be stuck in the house and you can’t go out one good thing i think you should do is is eat within reason healthy but you should enjoy cooking you know it’s very meditative and peaceful um so yes i’m again waffling so thank you very much for watching this video um i’m kind of posting this just to cause a debate really um i’m not saying it’s 100 right or wrong it’s it’s um i’m putting it to you as a challenge and so try it let me know or let me know your views in the comments and i will um get back to them all and thank you very much for watching and if you enjoyed this and you enjoy my other videos um please subscribe or give it a like or a thumbs up and because obviously it just helps me reach more people and hopefully by reaching more people i can help more people thanks very much for watching [Music] so

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the 7 skills to trx better hand book with adam trx traveller and fitness freedom athletes

Get Your FREE Copy Of The ‘7 Skills To TRX Better Handbook’

Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

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