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September 03, 2020

V-shape back development with this TRX Row Super Set


When the lats tire out in the 1st set neutral grip range of motion…⁣

…we allow the biceps to better give them a helping hand in the 2nd set reverse grip range of motion. To push for complete exhaustion of as many lats muscle fibres as possible.


  • 4 sec downward phase⁣⁣
  • 0 sec pause at bottom⁣⁣
  • 1 sec contraction upward phase⁣⁣
  • 1 sec hard contraction at the top⁣⁣

*3sets – 8reps (go to failure on reverse grip for each set)⁣



Take every single rep from a fully lengthened muscle position to a fully contracted position. Refer to vid 24 secs in for example.⁣


The hands are just hooks, pull with elbows DOWN and IN.⁣


The biceps will be involved regardless on both exercise bur our mindful focus should be on violently contracting the lats, focusing on squeezing them super hard…

..NOT on squeezing the biceps.⁣

(The reverse grip can also be a great bicep finisher super set exercise when the focus is switched and the intent is on the arms as the lats help.)⁣


At the very bottom stretch with the shoulders forward (protracted) stretching the lats, be sure to then initiate the upward contraction by pulling the shoulder blades back first (retraction).⁣

NEUTRAL GRIP = As if holding a hammer⁣
REVERSE GRIP = Knuckles down facing the floor⁣

If there’s any body part you’d like to bring up?

Drop me a comment below or DM and I’ll create a vid for you

If you know of any funky indoor plants that I could fill the Studio with?

Please let me know. I am very clueless on this subject⁣

Stay safe stay healthy⁣

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V-shape back development with this TRX Row Super Set

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Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes
Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom AthletesAdam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

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