TRX Pumping Arms Giant Set Exercise. 2 Key Tips Below…

Try these arms exercise back to back without a rest. I love doing b2b exercise for the arms. It forces lots of blood into the bicep muscles so they feel like they are going to burst! Key tips below vid... KEY...

Favourite TRX Giant Set For Back [With 3 Key Technique Focuses]

Grateful to be TRX’ing in Koh Chang, Thailand for the next month. Finding the early morning heat (29 degrees) energising for workouts with post-workout meals consisting of a lovely traditional Thai dish of white rice and shrimp... although I’m a real weakling when it...

How to do TRX Chest Flys effectively (2 key tips)

TRX Flys used to drive me crazy as I could never quite ‘feel’ it working the chest. I used to think increasing the angle to make them harder was right. It wasn’t. However, when I focused on these 2 technique points, my chest muscles grew and became stronger......

3 TRX High Row Teaching Points For a More Effective Row

The weight is irrelevant... It’s the mindful connection to our muscles combined with practising perfect technique that matters first and foremost. 3 TRX High Row Teaching Points below video... View this post on Instagram A post shared by ADAM 🌎 TRX Anywhere With Me...

3 Tips to Perform a TRX Low Row Effectively

Instead of ‘just moving,’ let’s make sure we mindfully connect with the muscle via effective technique 💪🏼… (Key points below vid) 1. Elbows Drive the elbows down and back, tight alongside the body. The hands are just hooks....

My current favourite TRX legs superset with weighted vest

Loved upping the ante by incorporating these into training over the last few months. The weighted vest is currently at 16kg, started at 10kg around 3 months ago.  KEY TECHNIQUE POINTS BELOW...  After years of just using bodyweight to practice suspension training...

Simple TRX back workout (3 exercises – whole back)

What’s the best TRX exercise for the back? In my opinion… there isn’t one. It’s impossible.⁣ The back has A LOT of muscles. A criss-cross-mish-mash spider web. Hitting them with one exercise, one range of motion angle, won’t really cut it…⁣⁣So we hit them with three!...

TRX Glute and Hamstring Exercises (The BEST 2)

Mindful muscle connection, tempo, and technique are the focus here. …and thrusting! Always room for improvement in that area. These 2 TRX exercises performed back to back (superset) are, in my opinion, one of the best to develop hamstrings... with secondary activation...

My No.1 TRX squat technique for chicken legs (+ bonus superset)

If you have chicken legs? I can relate. I’ve been placing large technique mastery emphasis on developing mine. I believe they’re growing... And it’s mainly down to this one TRX squat technique (plus superset add on at the end). Key technique points below vid....

1 TRX abs exercise for the rest of my life? TRX Supermans

If I could only do 1 TRX abs exercise for the rest of my life, it would be this one for 3 reasons - TRX Supermans. They allow... They allow: ⁣ A thoracic extension at the top (📹vid: 20secs), so we stretch the abs muscles.⁣⁣And complete...

Destroy the Triceps with this 3 TRX Exercise tri-set Finisher

Destroy the Triceps with this 3 TRX Exercise tri-set Finisher. POP! That’s how the arms feel after this flow. Hitting the 3 strength ranges of the tricep muscles for full development The 3 strength ranges Middle - FULL ROM TRX SKULL...

Get Serious Quad BURN with this TRX Reverse Lunge

If you struggle squat, this is the best leg exercise alternative. It will help develop leg shape and strength. If you're just starting out, don't worry about using the step. Just use the floor. Take it slow, controlled, and focuses. Key technique points below video......

TRX Delts PUMP Finisher for Cannonball Shoulders

Shoulders are a weak point for this little lad, so I always look for different ways to challenge them. FEEL THAT BURN! We’re not so much focusing on the mind-muscle connection or full range of motion here, I know😧… this goes against...

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First up, welcome! Out of all the millions of websites out there thank you for visiting this one. Secondly, your interest and motivation will change your life. It did for me and thousands of fitness freedom athletes in our community of all ages.

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Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes
Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom AthletesAdam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

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