7 Skills to TRX Better

March 12, 2021

Brought to you by…
Coach Adam
(aka TRX Traveller)
Body Transformation Coach
Founder of Fitness Freedom Athletes

These ‘7 Skills’ are different to what you’ll be used to or expect with TRX suspension training.

Most people mindlessly move with a suspension trainer. Randomly pushing, pulling, and hanging to never see any visible results.

If you’ve tried: Gyms, weights, PTs, messing with a TRX, different plans, multiple diets, YouTube Vids, figuring it all out yourself…

And you feel: Frustrated with a lack of results, unsure of what you can achieve with a TRX, de-motivated and inconsistent..

and you feel like throwing the TRX in the cupboard because you believe you can’t build lean muscle and transform your body with it!

Then these 7 Skills to TRX Better will change that for you…

Skill 1 – The Skill of Muscle-Centric Technique

There’s a massive ‘effective’ difference in the way people exercise to transform their body.

It comes down to two techniques:

1. Movement-centric technique
(99% of people)

2. Muscle-centric technique
(1% of people. This is us!)

One is much more effective than the other when it comes to transforming your body…

By building healthy, lean muscle.

Along with a better cardiovascular system and functional strength.

And that effective technique is called muscle-centric technique.

How To Build Muscle With A TRX Suspension Trainer - Muscle-Centric Technique

These two techniques are the difference between the person who has been using a suspension trainer (or resistance band, body weight, even weights in a gym)…

..for months and months. And never gains any visible results with their body.

Compared to the person who month on month improves their body along with their mind (mental well-being).

You’re probably thinking…

“Adam what the hell are you going on about?”

Allow me to explain. As this is really important and will literally, change your life (a clients words, not mine).

Most People Use ‘Movement-Centric Technique’ With a Suspension Trainer

Walking is a type of movement-centric technique, so is running, cycling, or an aerobics class.

You don’t think about moving, you just move.

The body wants to be efficient. It wants to use a many muscles as possible to move a load because it’s easier.

With movement-centric technique you allow the body to activate all the muscles it can to move a load (load like bodyweight or an actual weight).

Many people grab a TRX suspension trainer and do this.

They just jump around, push and pull. Not thinking about how they are moving, just focusing on moving.

The same thing happens when you see people in a gym.

Grunting and groaning moving a weight that is too heavy for them, up and down in any way possible.

So long as they move it and look strong, they don’t care (I used to be this guy).

Here’s The Problem With That

The problem with this type of movement-centric technique is that the load is shared.

Not one or two singular muscles take all the load to do the work. Sometimes 8 muscles do.

So if we take 100% load and share it across 8 muscles, that’s each muscle taking only a 12% strain.

That’s fantastic teamwork by the body and amazing biomechanics of the human species.

But, it is useless at transforming our body.

Because the load placed upon the muscles just isn’t enough to get a growth response.

Here’s an example or ‘movement-centric technique’ with a press-up.

As it’s something we’re all familiar with…


Most people when they do a press up mindlessly focus on pressing up and down.

That’s movement centric technique. All you’re focusing on is the movement.

The problem is when you do this there are lots of muscle sharing the load.

The chest is the primary targeted muscle but other muscles are helping out and taking the load such as your triceps, front shoulders, and biceps

You’re not isolating the individual chest muscle with the right technique to place the majority of the load onto it.

This is the reason why so many people struggle to build lean muscle and keep stalling.

Then they constantly change things up due to the frustration of not understanding the reason for the lack of progression.

Instead, We Want to do MUSCLE CENTRIC Technique.

We focus on the specific muscle we want to target.

And use muscle-centric technique to isolate it.

We lock the body in stone.

Then initiate the movement of the exercise by squeezing the one specific muscle we are targeting.

Not allowing any other muscles to help out.

So the majority of the load goes onto that one specific muscle throughout the rang of motion.

In this instance we isolate the chest muscle and place all the load onto it.

When we isolate a muscle and put all the load onto it, you get a powerful muscle and nervous system response.

Which means lean muscle growth, strength, and visible results in the mirror.

Why ‘muscle-centric technique’ Works So Well With a Suspension Trainer

A Muscle is MUCH weaker when isolated on its own.

So we can use lighter loads, like just our body weight, to build lean muscle and strength.

Muscles that supports joints and improves our movement patterns for longevity.

Unlike lifting heavy loads or persistent impact exercise.

Which wear down joints, and causes injuries and pain.

Using muscle-centric technique with a suspension trainer means you can build lean muscle and visibly transform your body.

Without ever needing to rely on a gym or weights ever again.

One piece

Skill 2 – The Skill of Mind-Muscle Connection

What your mind believes:

“I Need A Gym & Weights To Transform My Body”

What your muscle knows:

“Your Muscle Does NOT Know Where You Are Or What You Are Holding. All It Knows Is The Tension (Squeeze) You Can Place Upon It Through a Range of Motion”

If there is ONE thing you take away and remember from this Handbook, make sure it’s this powerful belief.

I call this the squeeze! In the fitness freedom community, clients tease me about it BUT IT IS SO IMPORTANT.

Squeeze = Powerfully contract your muscle with mindful intent. Focus on powerfully squeezing the muscle you want to target throughout the entire range of motion.

Most people are externally focused when they use a TRX and I bet you can relate to this…

External = mindless

They are thinking about the rep number, what’s the next exercise, when will this be over, what’s the strap length, or life thoughts like money, food, conversations etc etc.

They don’t mindfully focus on the one specific muscle they are targeting and how it feels.

To build lean muscle we need to mindfully connect with the single muscle we are targeting. We need to internalise our focus and feel our body.

We must place our mind inside the muscle.

We need let go of external distractions. This is why being in your own space and time with a suspension trainer is so beneficial.

In a gym, people are externally distracted.

But in your own space you can really internalise your focus without external distraction.

And focus on squeezing the single muscle you are targeting throughout every single rep. Every single range of motion.

Especially at the top motion of each exercise (Picture the top curl part of a bicep curl).

Being able to do this, feel, and visualise your muscle contracting and stretching is called having a good mind-muscle connection

• Building Lean Muscle

• Transforming Your Body

• Feeling Confident & Healthier

…is in the mind.

Connecting and feeling your body brings you closer to yourself, it makes you more in control and more confident.

It builds and awakens pathways to parts of your body you never knew existed.

You truly become one with your body and mind and it feels awesome!

Workouts Become Meditation

We can literally use our body to master out mind!

When we internalise our focus on the specific muscle we are training. Workouts become a form of mediation.

Meditation is focusing on one thing for an extended period of time.

If you don’t focus on anything else expect your body and the muscle you are training, then you are meditating.

And we know the HUGE benefits of mediation.

Constantly seeking to internalise your focus in every 30 – 50 minute workout, compounds.

And you will feel your mental well-being improving over time.

When you begin to use workouts as a form of meditation, it’s a double whammy.

Not only do you improve you body, but also your mind. It’s a never ending improvement circle. As one improves, so does the other.

I’ve personally found, and had clients report:

  • social anxiety reduced
  • less procrastinations
  • more grounded and calm
  • ability to deep work (business success)
  • more confident (relationship success)

This is using your body to master your mind.

The Ability To Improve Your Mind- Muscle Connection Is Exponential

It gets better the more you practice.

Studies have shown that professional body builders can mindfully connect and contract (squeeze) their muscle to only 50% – 60% of it full potential.

For us everyday people, we’re only at about 20% – 30% ability.

That’s a HUGE area for improvement for building lean muscle and transforming your body. Along with your mind.

It’s the one thing I have relentlessly focused on. And it has improved my physique using only a suspension trainer beyond what I ever thought was possible.

My clients too.

Using mind-muscle connection becomes addictive because it feels amazing. A client said to me…

“I finally understand what a workout should be and feel like” … And it’s so true.

As a foundation, just mastering the mindful muscle connection and muscle-centric technique, will make a HUGE difference to your fitness results.

Because I’m a nerd and love Star Wars, it’s kinda like Yoda. With just the force (mind-muscle connection) he’s ok.

But combined with muscle-centric technique (light saber), he’s incredible.

The same can be said for our results with a TRX when we use both.

Now imagine the possibilities when this effective mindful muscle-centric technique is combined with other good principles, which I refer to as the layers, to build upon.

Compounded together your results will be exponential. This is what I call Fitness Freedom!

I bet you’re thinking…

“Bloody ell Adam! That was a lot of info we just went through.”

I promise the other Skills won’t be as long.

These 2 Skills were long because they are the most important.

By the way, if you’re looking for a TRX suspension trainer Program (or resistance band) to build lean muscle and transform your body?

Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

I have a range right here from beginner to advanced for a variety of different fitness goals (lean and sculpt, muscle and size, etc).

In them, I’ll teach you how to perform every exercise with this technique. Along with nutrition, mindset and performance training.

Right, onto Skill 3….

Skill 3 – The Skill of NOT Working Hard

One of the biggest mistakes that I see happening today is the idea of training HARD.

And sapping all the energy you have.

Simply training hard is stupid.

And it’s often the reasons joint problems and injuries occur.

It’s NOT about hard work.

It’s kinda like trying to play the guitar for the first time.

It’ll probably sound terrible.

Now let’s assume your coach is sitting next to you yelling at you to play harder and faster.

That doesn’t make sense, right?

Practicing suspension training or resistance band training technique mastery should ALWAYS precede hard work.

It’s never about doing more. It’s about focusing on doing better.

Focusing on:

‘how well am I performing this exercise?’ NOT on…

how many reps or how fast am I doing the exercise or how many more exercises can I fit into this workout.’

The more advanced you get with your training and mind-muscle connection, the more you will begin to realise that numbers become less and less relevant.

They are a guide, no more.

Hitting the number should not come before technique and mind-muscle connection mastery.

Now Don’t Get Me Wrong

Whilst we want quality over quantity. It is essential to do quantity in order to get to quality.

We have to do more in order to get so good that we can do less and still get The same results.

That’s just common sense right. Practice makes perfect.

But make sure that the practice is with good technique. Not simply doing more for the sake of doing more.

7 Skills to TRX Better

Skill 4 – The Skill of Output

Own the ability to do high-quality work with a controlled mind but  relentless effort and motivation.

Get uncomfortable within workouts and know that it isn’t a sign to stop.

Feeling ‘the burn’ is also not a sign to stop.

It’s a sign to play and explore in the sensation.

It’s a sign to push further. I’m sure you’ve heard the term:

‘The mind gives up before the body’

This is so true when it comes to our muscles.

Your mind will fail before the muscle itself fails.

If the muscle could speak at this perceived point of failure, I guarantee it would say:

“Why are we stopping? I’ve got another 3 quality reps in me at least!”

Think of it like a petrol light coming on. It’s a warning but you’ve still got 50 miles to go.

When you feel your mind telling you to stop. Imagine it’s just a warning light.

Focus and discipline lead to AWESOME output.

Be relentless in your pursuit of applying high-quality output.

2 Essential Skills To Build Muscle With TRX Suspension Training

Skill 5 – The Skill of Mobility

A lack of mobility is NOT just tightness, it’s also a sign of weakness.

A lack of mobility is normally a lack of muscular balance.

It won’t be fixed by stretching alone.

It is often due to poor form and technique when exercising.

Think about it. Muscles work in pairs.

When one shortens (contracts) the other muscle must lengthen.

This is called antagonistic muscle pairings.

They are opposing forces constantly working against each other.

This leads us back to the importance of Skills 1 and 2 – technique mastery.

Focus on fully lengthening the muscle at one end, and fully contracting it at the other (the SQUUEEEZE!).

Over time, you will find imbalances that have been causing you problems, begin to disappear.

Not from mindlessly stretching, but from correctly building healthy, strong muscle.

7 Skills to TRX Better

Skill 6 – The Skill of Time

Time under tension is the greatest opportunity for challenging and growing your muscles.

It’s not how many reps, it’s how long (time) the muscle was placed under constant tension (squeeze) within those reps.⁣

Maintain continuous TENSION (squeeze) on the target muscle. INCLUDING at the bottom and top ends of the exercise.

That’s right, we can’t escape many skills without talking about the SQUEEZE.

Lean, quality, and healthy muscle are built with time under tension.

Tension is lost on a muscle when we stop continuous movement or allow other muscles to take over.

Lock your body in stone as you begin to execute the 1st rep of the set.

ABSOLUTELY nothing should move other than what is caused by the target muscle contracting (the squeeze) or lengthening.

If we begin to shift, swing, or slightly adjust during a rep, tension is lost on the working muscle.

And the load is shared across other muscles.

Again, our body LOVES to do this. It loves to make things easier!

More shared tension across multiple muscles = less lean muscle development from the target muscle.

Lock your body in stone! Which do you think…

…will develop lean, healthy muscle best from the below two achievements:

1. Hitting 16 reps of a TRX Chest Press with each rep taking 1-2 seconds


2. Hitting 8 reps of a TRX Chest Press with each rep taking 6 seconds

Which do you think would develop quality muscle quicker and better?

If you’re like the majority of movement-centric technique people, who see little progression month on month….

You’d have said number 1.

BUT, we’re not those people.

We’re the 1% who do things effectively and become unstoppable year on year.

We are muscle-centric technique fitness freedom athletes. And so…

That’s why we say the answer is number 2.


Let’s look at the maths and science:

1. Hitting 16 reps of a TRX Chest Press with each rep taking 1-2 seconds

16 reps with 2 seconds per rep = 32 seconds

That’s 32 seconds the muscle has the opportunity to be placed under constant tension. If the exercise is performed correctly.

2. Hitting 8 reps of a TRX Chest Press with each rep taking 6 seconds

8 reps with 6 seconds per rep = 48 seconds

That’s 48 seconds the muscle has the opportunity to be placed under constant tension, if the exercise is performed correctly. So…

If science tells us that muscle is built from time under tension. Then performing number 2 is the obvious and correct route.

From Experience, I Can Tell You This is Important.

My body dramatically changed when I mastered an appreciation for placing my muscles under constant tension. For long periods throughout a set.

The ability to do that from a beginner-advanced level comes with practice and learning.

It’s a wonderful thing to master.

It makes the realms of suspension and resistance band training and how we can intensify exercises, endless.

7 Skills to TRX Better

Skill 7 – The Skill of Muscular Endurance

Be honest with me, have you ever done this:

Paused at the top of a TRX Squat or a TRX Bicep Curl for a second or two to rest?

I know I have in the past. And still do sometimes.

It’s natural.

It’s our body trying to take the easy way out and rest.

We know that our body is designed for efficiency so we don’t run out of stored energy.

Ultimately, our body was designed to make us lazy.

It wants the stored energy there from an evolutionary standpoint in case we need to run away from a tiger.

Exercise is no different.

As we start to fatigue, our brain and nervous system are designed to give us signals to stop what we are doing.

However, YOU ARE still able to continue!

Make it your goal and focus to overcome this natural tendency. Ignore that voice that tells you to:

“stop”, “rest”, or “I can’t do another rep”

Know that it is a natural evolutionary safety mechanism.

This skill is developed from improving the skill of Time, as that skill leads to challenging muscular endurance.

Increasing this improves the muscle’s ability to produce energy and clear metabolites (waste)

Which in turn increases work capacity, muscular stability and strength.⁣

Sounds complex right! In simple terms…

It means you’ll be able to push harder and go further.

This is the route to advanced level training and body composition

Muscular endurance also makes fat loss easier.

As the mitochondria in your muscle cells become much better at utilising fat for energy.

7 Skills to TRX Better

Additional Skill 8 – The Skill of Breathing

Practicing to use just nasal breathing during your suspension trainer workouts, improves circulation due to increased nitrogen in the blood.

It also increases the body’s maximum ability to produce ATP in the presence of Oxygen (VO2 Max).

Which mean in simple English means…

The body becomes better at performing high amounts of work while burning fat as the primary energy.⁣


How and why does nasal breathing achieve this?

The body is more efficient at oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange with nasal breathing.

As it utilises more lobes of the lungs.

This means more oxygen availability in the cardiovascular system.

Then more oxidation of fat cells for energy and more CO2 by-product expelled from the lungs.

View nasal breathing as gears to utilise within your life to optimise your body and performance.

Like this…

Gear 1: Only nasal breathing

Attempt to live your entire life nasal breathing.

From day to day activities and in your workouts.

Mouth closed, tongue to the roof of your mouth for jaw alignment and balance, and with controlled slow breaths in and out.

Breathe only through your nose when performing every rep of every set.

It will be challenging at first but you will be surprised at how quickly you improve over time.

This skill acquisition has a large beneficial knock-on effect on all areas of your life.

Gear 2: When intensity increases

There will be times when you simply can’t only breathe through your nose…

Often during leg workouts, exercises like TRX Pistol Squats are very demanding on your cardiovascular system.

In this instance when intensity increases, look to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

You will be able to breathe quicker and thus supply your body with more oxygen faster.

Gear 3 when intensity increases A LOT

Like a HIIT session or cycling up a hill.

When intensity is all out mouth breathing is needed.

Then go back down your gears until you return to nasal breathing.

With normal day to day living keep checking yourself and make sure you’re living in gear one until it becomes a habit.

Sleep, general living and suspension training/resistance band workouts (except leg day)…

Mouth closed, tongue to the roof of the mouth, and only breathing through the nose.⁣⁣

By the way, if you’re looking for a TRX Suspension Trainer Program to build Lean Muscle and Transform Your Body…

Then checkout my Fitness Freedom TRX Suspension Trainer Programs here.

Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

With complete nutrition, mindset, and performance training.

Which means I literally guarantee you gain an athletic high-energy healthier body following the Program.

With 9 different TRX Programs (plus 2 resistance band ones) for a variety of fitness goals and levels. I’ve got a Program for everyone!

You can also take the ‘which Program Quiz’ here!

That’s It For Your 7 Skills Training Today!

Nice work on getting through this training, my friend!

Here’s to your fitness freedom!

Coach Adam

P.S Want to chat about your goals and how the I may be able to help you? Awesome. Send me an email: adam@fitnessfreedomathletes.com

P.P.S Here’s a beginner suspension training and resistance band workout to build muscle (Do it with me):

TRX Full Body Workout to Build Muscle – 40 Minutes Beginner

Full Body Resistance Band Workout To Build Muscle – Beginner 30 Minutes

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7 Skills to TRX Better

Coach Adam  (aka TRX Traveller)

Coach Adam (aka TRX Traveller)

Bodyweight Transformation Specialist

I help people build lean muscle, lose fat, and transform their body anywhere! With my complete body transformation TRX Suspension Trainer and Resistance Band Programs, and Private 1-1 Coaching.

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