How to do TRX Suspension Trainer Squats to Build Quad Muscles

If you struggle to build your leg muscles with TRX suspension Training you're not alone. Most people mindlessly move up and down. The result? A little bit of sweat. Instead, if you use the technique with your TRX squats, you'll isolate you quad muscle and stimulate...

How To Do TRX Pistol Squats Exercise To Build Leg Muscles (Quads)

In this quick shorts video I'll cover how to do a TRX Pistol Squat exercise to build your quad leg muscles! From beginner to advanced. With focus on 'muscle-centric technique' and your mind-muscle connection. If like me, captain chicken legs. You want to build bigger...

TRX Squats For Bad Knees – Fix Them!

If you've got bad knees and struggle with certain movements in daily life or exercise? Then these TRX Squats for bad knees will strengthen and help fix that problem...

My current favourite TRX legs superset with weighted vest

Loved upping the ante by incorporating these into training over the last few months. The weighted vest is currently at 16kg, started at 10kg around 3 months ago.  KEY TECHNIQUE POINTS BELOW...  After years of just using bodyweight to practice suspension training...

TRX Glute and Hamstring Exercises (The BEST 2)

Mindful muscle connection, tempo, and technique are the focus here. …and thrusting! Always room for improvement in that area. These 2 TRX exercises performed back to back (superset) are, in my opinion, one of the best to develop hamstrings... with secondary activation...

My No.1 TRX squat technique for chicken legs (+ bonus superset)

If you have chicken legs? I can relate. I’ve been placing large technique mastery emphasis on developing mine. I believe they’re growing... And it’s mainly down to this one TRX squat technique (plus superset add on at the end). Key technique points below vid....

Get Serious Quad BURN with this TRX Reverse Lunge

If you struggle squat, this is the best leg exercise alternative. It will help develop leg shape and strength. If you're just starting out, don't worry about using the step. Just use the floor. Take it slow, controlled, and focuses. Key technique points below video......

3 TRX Exercises Giant Set for Quad Growth

3 TRX Exercises Giant Set for Quad Growth... Mindfully focus on one quad at a time. Perform all exercises one after the other with no rest until end.⁣⁣ Key technique points below vid... VID 1: EXER 1 TRX REVERSE LUNGE Lunge deep, knee...

A Simple Resistance Band SUPER-SET to Improve Posture

A Simple Resistance Band SUPER-SET to Improve Posture. Improve posture with a simple band super-set…PROTRACTED TO RE-TRACTED BAND PULL APARTS… The rear deltoid (rear shoulder muscle), a fav to train and super-simple with a...

How to TRX Squat for Glutes & Hamstrings to REALLY feel it!

How to TRX Squat for Glutes & Hamstrings to REALLY feel it!. Start by putting your brain in your bum. I’m serious. This requires internal mind-muscle focus. Placing the mind inside the muscle helps isolate, target and...

STOP Using Gravity to TRX Squat

STOP Using Gravity to TRX Squat. Two ways to continuously challenge the legs (front and back) on both the down and up phase of squats. Sitting / falling down with gravity takes all tension off the leg muscle allowing it to...

Builder Wider & Shaped Legs with this One TRX Squat Tip

Builder Wider & Shaped Legs with this One TRX Squat Tip. Constantly push the feet outwards against the floor on both the positive and negative phase (up and down) when squatting.⁣ Why?…⁣ … it helps specifically isolate...

TRX and The TEMPO of Doom

TRX and The TEMPO of Doom. See what I did there? (Indiana Jones fan). 10 second rep tempo on any TRX exercise! A quick one to throw into the workout mix now and then to: A quick one to throw into the workout mix now and then...

The TRX Calf Raise & 2 Points To Do It Effectively

A simple exercise but one that requires a slightly different technique approach to get better development.... The calf muscles are mainly comprised of slow twitch fibres. They are very resilient.⁣ They respond well when placed under constant tension for large amounts...

A TRX **INTENSIFIER** and how to apply it

A TRX **INTENSIFIER** and how to apply it. A simple application to increase intensity by adding more time under tension onto the muscle being worked⁣... ⁣ INTENSIFIER = 1 & 1/2 reps⁣ It can be applied to 90% of TRX...

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I'm new to using a Suspension Trainer or Band, where shall I start?

First up, welcome! Out of all the millions of websites out there thank you for visiting this one. Secondly, your interest and motivation will change your life. It did for me and thousands of fitness freedom athletes in our community of all ages.

The best place to start would be with the Beginner Total Body Transformation Program. It’s the most popular Program and will teach you the effective muscle-centric technique to transform your body and begin your life-changing journey.

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Yes absolutely, I have The Fitness Freedom Suspension Trainer & Resistance Band Programs for all levels and fitness goals. They will teach you the effective 'Muscle-Centric Technique' that will transform your body! And cover everything from nutrition to mindset and performance execution.

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Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes
Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom AthletesAdam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

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