My 2 Essential TRX Exercises for a STRONGER Core

My 2 Essential TRX Exercises for a STRONGER Core

Here's my 2 essential TRX suspension trainer core exercises for that I wish I'd started sooner. Great for beginners and progressing up to an advanced level. We'll focus on muscle-centric technique within our suspension training for REAL...

Daily 5 min 3 TRX Exercise Workout Flow for Abs

Daily 5 min 3 TRX Exercise Workout Flow for Abs

Daily 5 min 3 TRX Exercise Workout Flow for Abs. Perform every other day. WHY & HOW below… TRX CRUNCHTRX SIDE TWISTTRX JACK KNIFE Rotate the 3 exercises non-stop for 5 mins, moving onto the next exercise at failure. WHY:...

TRX and The TEMPO of Doom

TRX and The TEMPO of Doom

TRX and The TEMPO of Doom. See what I did there? (Indiana Jones fan). 10 second rep tempo on any TRX exercise! A quick one to throw into the workout mix now and then to: A quick one to throw into the workout mix now and then...

The best TRX exercise to tighten up Love Handles

TRX Side Bends⁣⁣. Requested by @Ford.72 (instagram) a TRX exercise to target the side of the core. TEMPO⁣:⁣⁣ 4 sec downward stretch phase⁣⁣0 sec pause at bottom⁣⁣1 sec side ab contraction⁣ phase⁣0 sec pause at top⁣⁣*4sets -...

TRX Chest & Core flow for stability and muscle toning

@mrblunders (instagram) requested a video demonstrating a way to target and develop the chest and core. FLOW:⁣ TRX Chest Press⁣ TRX Flys⁣ TRX Supermans⁣ ***4sets for as long as possible, 40 sec rest⁣ ⁣⁣ TEMPO⁣:⁣ 4 sec...

Tight space TRX home mobility flow for core and upper body

If you do a little box breathing whilst performing this, it becomes meditative - 5 seconds in, hold for 5 seconds, out for 5 seconds. @Smkproduction (on instagram) requested a routine for total core workout, this one delivers the burn and shoulder girdle...

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I'm new to using a Suspension Trainer or Band, where shall I start?

First up, welcome! Out of all the millions of websites out there thank you for visiting this one. Secondly, your interest and motivation will change your life. It did for me and thousands of fitness freedom athletes in our community of all ages.

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Yes absolutely, I have The Fitness Freedom Suspension Trainer & Resistance Band Programs for all levels and fitness goals. They will teach you the effective 'Muscle-Centric Technique' that will transform your body! And cover everything from nutrition to mindset and performance execution.

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I guess at first, you shouldn’t. Trust is built and earned over time. Check out my reviews and success stories so you can get a better understanding of what I am about and who I help.

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Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes
Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom AthletesAdam Atkinson TRX Traveller Fitness Freedom Athletes

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